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5 Essential Things Every Good Website Needs

April 29, 2016

Putting up a new website is not a tough task; putting up a good website, however, is!

Your website is your face on the internet. It is the place where your customers, clients, future business prospects will connect with you. It is a place where your audience finds you. It is very important that your website speaks to the audience and behaves in a way that reflects your brand values.

To do this, professional help is required which often becomes the deal breaker for most entrepreneurs and rookie web masters due to lack of appropriate funds. One of the right ways of doing things is hiring an off-shore developer who is affordable and is willing to give you a website that is future proof and is made on the principles of design and brad values you have set, a website that is able to reflect who you are.

Web design companies in Lebanon recommend these five 5 essential things every good website needs:

1. Headline

A typical user decides to stay on a website or leave is in less than 2 second, in this little amount of time, you have to covey your brand value bandit’s image. A good Headline is your best friend here.

A proper headline consists of the keywords which are most important on the page so that it may take benefit of Google SEO.

2. An easy-navigated site map

Navigation is one of the most important aspects of a website. Links to the most important pages facilitated with a site-map are crucial for guiding visitors to the page/info/product byte they are looking for. A visitor who knows your website well, knows your brand well.

3. A detailed footer

A footer is a great way to put all relevant things in a small box at the bottom of the site. This gives your audience a chance to find information about you and also form a positive opinion. This section must have the right contact information because you don’t want to land up in a situation where you are losing customers because they are unable to find your credentials and contact info.

4. Customer testimonials

Testimonials are also great when it comes to projecting the right image on your customers. Honest words from previous customers will help your project more tangibly to customers visiting online and help increase your rate of conversion.

5. Good SEO & Fresh content

Without SEO, it’s almost impossible to rank on the first page of Google which means loss of traffic, thereby, revenue. Using correct keywords throughout your text, interlinking, optimal site-load times, will serve you well.

The machinery of SEO runs on Fresh content that is trending in the market, as well. You can keep your content from getting stale (and give your company some personality, too) by incorporating a regularly-updated blog or connecting in your social media feeds.

A professional website can be the difference a successful or a failed business.

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