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5 Great Reasons To Visit Belgrade

By GokyB
April 4, 2016

If you are planning for a tourist trip out of your country, consider Belgrade as a top destination. With so many attractions and things to do there, you will experience perhaps the best excursion of your life. As the capital of Serbia, Belgrade offers a fusion of traditional architecture and modern European civilization.

Discover some of the following attractions and indulge your senses.

Rich Culture and Tradition

Perhaps the most obvious feature on the Serbian capital is its rich history of military activity. You can witness this best at the Kalemegdan Citadel at Belgrade Fortress. Here, more than a hundred wars and battles have taken place over numerous centuries. The result is the destruction and rebuilding of this fortress over time. Additionally, there are innumerable museums and monasteries that document the living history of the city.

You will marvel at the memorabilia on the shelves of theaters and monuments. Discover the rich Christian culture at Saint Mark’s Church and the Church of Saint Sava. Take advantage of the occasional music extravaganzas and enjoy authentic Serbian music and dance.

A Vibrant Nightlife

Many cities in Europe do not go to sleep. Belgrade is not just one of them, but also the melting point of them all. During winter, you will find great fun at the downtown clubs. During summer, be sure to head out to the world famous Danube river.

Here, you will have unprecedented fun at floating discotheque boats. The floating nightclubs here are called “splavovi” and you can savor drinks from virtually all of the world’s corners.

Belgrade’s underground Wonder Phenomenon

There is perhaps no other European city with as much underground activity as Belgrade. Discover numerous underground bunkers and clandestine passageways. The history of these can be traced back to the Cold War when Romans used these as hiding places.

Additionally, sample the vast underground wine cellars and catacombs. Not many people know that Fjodor Dostojevski, the author of “Notes from Underground”, was actually inspired by these amazing underground structures.

Hospitality, Service and Cuisine

Belgrade is arguably the most hospitable city in this region, as the locals will welcome you to their homes freely. When you ask for directions, some will even leave whatever they are doing and actually take you to your destination. You can learn a few words of the local dialect while at it.

Do not be misled by the peculiar speaking traits of most Serbians. Some foreigners think that locals sound like they are shouting at one another, while they are actually in a friendly conversation.

If you like meaty meals, then this is the place to be. In fact, you will find that most foods are made from meat, but there are also fine vegetarian dishes. As you sample the desserts and main courses, indulge in some traditional drinks or imported wines at affordable prices.

Accommodation for Every Budget

Whether you are traveling on a shoestring budget or you have the cash to splash, you can always get a comfortable place to stay at. The villas, hotels, and lodges have world-class features including free Wi-Fi connectivity, telephone, and TV connected to major channels.

As these facilities experience many visitors at most times of the year, it is prudent to book your room in advance.

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