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5 Health Benefits Of Yoga For Weight Loss

May 9, 2016

Yoga is practiced in almost all parts of the world today. Earlier, yoga was performed only by health experts but slowly most people are learning the tricks of yoga and understanding its multiple benefits. People who do yoga follow a holistic approach towards their life. They want to strike a perfect balance between mind, body and soul. Did you know? People who have had multiple ailments were cured due to yoga. Yes, it is true! There are many reasons why one does Yoga. Some people look at it as a remedial measure while others purely do power yoga from a fitness perspective. At large, yoga is one of the techniques to lose weight. However, a few people still swear by their gymnasiums and fitness centres when it comes to losing weight as they feel that lifting heavy weights or producing sweat can only cause weight loss. It is perceived that sweat producing exercises or cardio can only cause weight loss. But, the truth is that yoga could also help you lose weight but in a different way.

Let’s understand the 5 health benefits of yoga for weight loss –

#1 Boosts Your Metabolism

The asanas of yoga may be gentle and may not produce as much sweat as a cardio program but it has a different approach towards your body. It boosts the metabolism of your body. As we all know, metabolism plays a vital role when it comes to calorie burning. The faster your metabolism is, the easier it gets to lose weight. Practising yoga for weight loss in your day to day life can easily prevent weight gain. Yoga is a comparatively slower technique when it comes to weight loss. One needs to practise it daily to gain the benefits. You may be wondering what exactly in Yoga boosts your metabolism. Yoga is a combination of breathing techniques and exercises which speed up the functioning of your organs. Yoga for weight loss generates heat in your body which in turn speeds your metabolism. The high metabolism causes our body to burn calories and thereby lose weight. Gradually, your body starts to limit the intake of food.

#2 Produces Energy

The various yoga exercises comprises of bending in different positions which improves the functioning of the organs. These exercises help the endocrine system to quickly convert our diet into energy. This energy is what makes all the difference.

#3 Blood Circulation

The blood circulation of those who practise yoga for weight loss on a daily basis is quite sorted and the blood pressure is under control. People with an optimum blood circulation are more active physically and mentally. Proper blood circulation does not allow stress related hormones to take charge in the body. It also helps in carrying oxygen to various parts of the body.

#4 Breathing is a Source of Energy

Yoga for weight loss experts believe that a combination of breathing techniques helps a person to lose weight. The right technique of breathing turns the stress in to energy and makes our body more active.

#5 Toning Muscles

Besides the various mental benefits, the yoga exercises also help a person tone down the muscles. Each and every move makes our muscles strong, firm and lean. The right combination of stronger and leaner muscles help a person lose weight even the body is at rest.

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