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5 important DIY Tree Removal Steps For Smaller Trees – Without Killing The Same

By Mary
April 10, 2017

There are a lot of tropical trees that can be transplanted. This is a tree removal method that is not only eco-friendly but also sustainable in the long run. For instance, a tropical fruit grows best in the warm and humid tropical areas. There are many trees that you can transplant this way. However, with a great deal of care you can grow or remove trees temperate areas too. In the frozen temperate conditions, you would need to move the tree or plant indoors and keep it warm. The process of tree removal can be done via simple techniques. There are multiple tree removal services, which can be searched from online portals. You can get the estimate and the exact services that they offer.

Things you will need:

  • Potting soil (if you want to transplant the tree)
  • Spade
  • Large plant pot (to keep the plant till your remove it to another location)
  • Tray
  • Sharp knife

What are the steps involved in tree removal?

Step 1 Trim the tree

Trim the tree or plant before tree removal. These plants grow quite tall so they require a proper cut. Use a sharp knife to do away with the large brown leaves on the outer side of the stem. Now use the knife on the main stem and make sure that it is only 3 feet high.  And maintain your trees with removal well for saving the environment.

Step 2 Check the rhizome

Look at the main rhizome carefully, if you find some shoots that have come out of the rhizome of the plant they need to be cut clean with a sharp knife. Plant your tree indoors in proper pots and keep them warm. Try to save them from the biting cold and they will start growing again in spring. During tree removal it is best to opt for summer months so that the chances of plant or tree surviving are hire.

Step 3 Shovel and dig

Take a spade and shovel and dig around your plant. Dig very carefully or you might accidentally cut off a portion of the rhizome or roots. In this case, tree removal will result in a dead plant. Place the plant in the pot and fill it up with the soil mixture.

Step 4 Ensure enough sunshine

Keep the plant near a sunny window after the tree removal. This is essential for it to sustain. The warmth will help it grow well. Use fertilizers regularly. Water the plant regularly but the soil should not be soggy. The plant requires a lot of light, humidity and warmth. Try and arrange for these things artificially. The flowers and fruit will soon emerge. After the fruits appear the plant will die and new plants will emerge from the side rhizomes. Remove the old plant and take good care of the new shoots.

Step 5 -Know planting basics

Knowing planting basics for trees are vital as it requires a proper soil and the pot must have a drain hole. You must never plant a tree in a pot without a drain hole. A good quality soil ensures a good crop. Tree removal doesn’t have to be un-green. The tree or plant requires a relatively high temperature of about 67 F during the night and 80F during the day. If you notice that temperatures have dropped suddenly or if temperatures keep dropping consistently you must wrap your tree or plant in a blanket and protect it from frost. However, if you forget to cover your plant you find that it seems dead. But do not worry, at times you may feel amazed by the fact that the plant still remains alive underground. If the plant has life you must bring it indoors and in a few days, it will bounce back to life.

Don’t keep the tree outside till the danger of frost remains. Always use fertilizers and water liberally post the tree removal. Make sure that the soil is not too soggy or else when you re-plant the same, you will not be able to help it grow properly. If your tree needs removal, then please call the best tree removal team today. And that will be taken care for any unwanted, dead or dangerous trees that are cluttering up your garden.

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