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5 Make-Up Looks That Are Perfect For Date Night

February 26, 2016

Date night. It’s one of the more exciting nights of the week when it’s time to break out of the normal, everyday makeup habits and warm it up for something a little more steamy and romantic. Flawless skin, big smoky eyes and rich red lips, make this romantic night all the more lovable, and the right makeup style can really make your look ‘pop’. So what are the most covetable and flawless make up looks that you can try for date night? Here we cover the 5 essential factors to include for perfect makeup that will simply blow his mind!

Thick, Luscious Lashes

What’s more romantic or flirty than batting eyelids with thick, soft lashes over the dinner table at your special man? Nothing beats it honestly. The problem is finding those soft, natural looking eyelashes that provide that extra oomph without looking plastic and fake. Without a doubt the best fake eyelashes are all natural mink eyelashes which not only look amazing, but feel amazing as well. All natural and 100% cruelty free and environmentally friendly, these lashes really beat out any competition because of their superior look, feel and quality.

Paired with a natural glue, these eyelashes are also hypoallergenic and will stay on all night, so no watering, itchy eyes or peeling lashes again! Best of all, because these lashes are made of hair gently brushed from mink, they have a natural look and feel that other artificial lashes just can’t compete with. Mink lashes are the perfect accessory for your eyes on date night.

Enchanting Eyes

Along with long, lush lashes, a stunning eye makeup style really helps to frame your face and set the tone for your perfect makeup look. Of course, a smoky eye is classic – sultry, sexy and perfect for a night out. But if you have lighter skin or want to go for a subtler look, try a bronze or champagne smoky eye for the same highlighting and accentuation without the darkness.

Don’t forget eyeliner to make the eyes pop, applying outside the eyelid for a softer look, or inside the lash line for a more intense look. No eye look is complete without being complimented by a perfectly sculpted brow to help frame the whole face.

Ruby Lips

There’s nothing wrong with drawing attention to your lips on date night, as one of the most erotic and romantic features of the face, plump and luscious lips can really make your face shine. Highlight your pout with your favourite shade, whether it’s a flirty pink or a deep romantic red. Start by lining the outside of the lips, then gently fill in the lip with small strokes from a lip brush.

Finish with a nice gloss or seal the color with a matte finish by pressing the lips gently with a tissue. Dab a little powder, foundation or highlighter around the lip edge to seal the edges too.

Flawless Skin

Of course, the backdrop to all these gorgeous makeup looks should be smooth and flawless skin. Achieving this look takes some preparation, such as gentle facial exfoliation and moisturization to prep the skin for makeup. Apply a primer if desired and a cream or liquid makeup that will sink into the skin. Finish with a loose powder or a bronzer to highlight the face and smooth over any minor imperfections such as wrinkles or blemishes.

Blushing Cheeks

Blushing cheeks are perfect for date night, being sweet, flirty and sexy at the same time. Blush helps to brighten the face and also helps to make you look less tired, which is perfect if you’re needing a little pick-me-up after a long day.

Dab a little blush on the balls of the cheeks and rub in gently until perfectly blended. You can also use bronzer under the cheekbones and on the side of the face to contour and highlight the face shape.

These 5 perfect make up looks for date night are sure to keep you looking stunning and flawless for your romantic night out with a special someone.

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