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5 Materials To Use For A Unique Retail Space

October 16, 2020

Having an enticing retail display is a necessity in today’s marketplace. With so many people shifting to online ordering, you must do everything possible to attract new customers to your brick-and-mortar locations. One major way to make people remember your store is to use different materials to shape the interior space and control traffic flow. Here are five different materials you should consider integrating into your retail theme.


The first material that we’re going to discuss is plants. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll be sure to find ones that fit each of your displays perfectly. Plants provide a unique feeling of relaxation in consumers. You want them to enjoy what your store has to offer and spend some time looking around. When you strategically place greenery throughout your store, customers will feel more relaxed and spend longer inside.


The importance of glass cannot be overlooked in a retail setting. Apart from the usual front glass of the store, you’ll want to consider adding dividers and accents to your design. A slightly frosted glass or simple clear glass can create a unique barrier to separate sections of your store and provide customers with more privacy during their shopping experience.


Galvanized steel products are becoming a very popular material for retail stores. It projects a modern look that attracts the eye. This material is very easy to clean, which makes store maintenance a breeze. Consider using raised steel signage to help customers identify various areas in your retail space.

Aged Wood

Part of the new modern look is having aged wood incorporated into the design. Something about aged wood allows customers to be more relaxed and intrigued about your space. Consider adding aged wood beams, shelves, or furniture to your retail space. If you’re going for a sophisticated store look, then dark wood is a must. However, light wood can provide a feeling of airiness to consumers, and they don’t show scratches, dirt, and dust like dark wood.


Bricks are a great material to use in your retail space. This material naturally reminds us of the limitations of time. Due to the constant deterioration of the bricks and their ability to still be structurally sound, they evoke feelings of our own time in life. This can influence consumers to go ahead and splurge on themselves.

You should think of your retail space as an open canvas. The materials you use can be assets for evoking the right emotions in your consumers to ensure they enjoy their shopping experience. The five materials above are just some of the many you can incorporate into your retail space design.

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