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5 Popular Types Of Floors Industries Use For Their Buildings

October 13, 2021

Industrial and commercial flooring comes in multiple materials and styles. Some of these are very basic, get you through the workday-type floors, while others are quite decorative. What you choose to put down as your industrial floor really depends on what your floor is used for. Let’s go over five popular types of industrial and commercial floors in buildings and why you might choose a specific type of flooring.

Bare Concrete

Bare concrete is the most basic of industrial flooring. It helps channel liquids away and down into a drain if you own and operate any sort of chemical plant or a meat processing and packing plant. However, the surface tends to be exceedingly hard to stand on all day, is not easy to keep clean, and will eventually erode and require repairs or replacing.

Brick Over Concrete

Brick over concrete is essentially bricklaying over basic concrete. The purpose is to create a resilient and heat-absorbing floor that is also resistant to flames. You might need such a floor in an iron ore smelting plant, or in large industrial ovens where food or ceramics are baked. This “dairy brick” layer is also quite safe for use in barns and stables because it reduces slipping and falling by animals and humans alike. Archway brick and tile provide dairy brick and other industrial flooring solutions.

Tile Over Concrete

If you don’t really need brick, but you want a nicer floor than just bare concrete, check out tile. Tile has been used in commercial bathrooms and public pool areas for decades. It is easy to clean and comes in a variety of colors and tile sizes. You can even create custom patterns using tiles of different colors. Some tile comes in unique shapes, too, such as hexagonal tile.

Epoxy Over Concrete

Epoxy, especially “flake” epoxy, is a popular request over concrete. It creates the illusion that the floor is stone, marble, or something else rich and luxurious. While it is generally nice to look at, the epoxy coats need frequent applications or waxing to maintain their like-new appearance. For that reason, epoxy is known as the “high maintenance” industrial flooring.

Stained or Acid-Washed Concrete

This is concrete with washes and layers of concrete stain or special acids to create a floor that doesn’t look like concrete. Unfortunately, it is still textured like bare concrete and is very difficult to clean. It looks nicer in driveways and landscaping than it does in an industrial or commercial building.

Ready to Add to Your Existing Concrete Floor?

Now that you know what your options are, you should select the type of flooring best suited to your industry. If you want the most for your dollar without constant maintenance and something that is easy to clean, opt for the dairy brick or tile. If you want something fancy, go for the epoxy floor. 

Look over your options and choose the right floor for you.

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