5 Reasons Companies Want To Invest In PMP Project Managers

By annap
April 22, 2016

PMP is a globally recognised project manager certification. Here we look at what it is in more detail, and why companies want to invest in PMP project managers.

Excellent project managers will manage projects assigned to them. Phenomenal project managers create their own projects and manage their own destiny. Within larger organisations, those likely to have the expertise to get ahead will often have more than the bare minimum required to make them a PM. Sure they will have determination, passion and a constant want for self-improvement, but a certification such as the PMP can often be what takes the best of the best the extra mile.


PMP stands for project management professional and it is commonly thought of as the number 1 most respected and sought after credential within project management, worldwide. It shows that project managers have the experience, have studied PM theory on project management courses and have the skills and attitude to lead projects to success. A PMP certification requires the PM improves their skill set continuously, and requires they complete a project challenge with bravery and confidence. The certification is extremely prestigious and is sought after where projects have high stakes, or where projects are particularly turbulent.

Hiring A PM With A PMP

As the PMP is known as one of the most sought after certifications worldwide, it makes sense that employers would actively seek out PM’s with that kind of project management training. Here are the top 5 reasons organisations are likely to hire a PM with a PMP:

  1. Skill Set – PMP ensures PM’s have the skills that lead them to success.
  2. Knowledge – A PMP PM has a wealth of project management knowledge that can be applied to both present and future company projects.
  3. Boasting Rights – As those who gain the PMP are part of a group of certified professionals that are highly respected, any employer who hires them gets boasting rights to let clients and customers know someone incredibly capable works within their organisation.
  4. Complete, Worldwide Recognition – The PMP certification is recognised all over the world. In some of the largest companies in the world, having PMP project management training is compulsory.
  5. Project Success – When projects are difficult, or they have high stakes, why wouldn’t you want the best of the best working on them?

It Isn’t Easy, But It Is Worth It

Getting a PMP is not easy, but it brings absolutely huge rewards. When you hold such a prestigious certification you open so many more doors in front of you, and you will find organisations are very interested to work with you. Companies want to hire the best employees. Project management is going through a surge of popularity all over the world, with more and more companies recognising that they need to create positions for project managers within their company and will automatically seek out the best. Larger organisations are finding they have a bigger talent pool to tap into to find the best of the best for their company. Any project management training is great, but PMP certification is globally recognised as the most prestigious, and makes you noticeable in a pool of hugely talented and respected individuals all trying to get the best positions.

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