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5 Reasons To Invest In Energy Management

December 9, 2015

Pressure for businesses to control their energy consumption has never been higher. Regardless of your business’ size, effective strategies are becoming increasingly essential if the expectations of legislators, suppliers and customers are to be met.

Creating these robust environmental policies is a challenge facing many businesses. As a simple and increasingly attractive solution, more and more organisations are turning to energy management services. Here are just five reasons why an energy management system is a worthy investment.

Significant Cost Savings

By analysing historical usage data, examining existing energy use policy and monitoring consumption with cutting-edge smart technology, energy management services are able to pinpoint exactly where savings can be made. This information can be harnessed to offer cost-effective recommendations, with the potential to reduce energy costs by at least 10%.

Even the most efficient organisations can be caught out by energy suppliers’ price increases. As well as helping you reduce consumption, energy management solutions can include negotiating competitive rates on your behalf, helping you keep costs low with minimum hassle.

Improved Public Perception

A YouGov survey of over a thousand UK employees revealed that 60% are more likely to work for a company with an effective emissions policy. Taking a strong stance against unnecessary consumption is therefore a key contributor to procuring and maintaining a dedicated workforce.

Perhaps even more important are the perceptions of customers and the public. Prominently featuring low energy-consumption statistics on your website will showcase good environmental practice, to attract new and existing customers.

Government Compliance

Since 2013, all UK quoted companies have been required by law to include carbon emissions in their annual reports. With this data also made available to competitors, investors and customers, energy management services have become all the more important.

Environmental offences are also being punished more severely; medium and large businesses can be fined millions of pounds for failing to meet legal requirements. Ensuring compliance with legislation is therefore a key focus of good energy management systems.

Rewards for Good Practice

Not only can an energy management system achieve compliance with regulatory standards, it can also help businesses qualify for various low-carbon incentive schemes. In a bid to create a greener society, the government is offering tax relief and other allowances to companies with a low carbon footprint. But if this is not reason enough for you then there are also other benefits.

Secure a Sustainable Future

On average, businesses that invest in energy management begin to see returns after 2.5 years. However, a review of progress after the initial recommendations allows you to develop a longer-term strategy to build on improvements and save in the future.

As technological advances are made, innovative ways to reduce our energy consumption are constantly emerging. Employing an energy management service is the best way to acquire these as they become available.

Whether you’re a medium-sized company looking to contribute to the fight against climate change, or large business interested in reducing energy costs, a reliable energy management solution is an investment worth strongly considering.

This article was written by Kelly Gilmour-Grassam with useful information from GMI Energy. Kelly is a Yorkshire lass who enjoys fine dining in interesting places. She is a copywriting guru and can be followed on Twitter @KellyGGrassam.

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