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5 Tips How To Secure Your Wireless Router

May 12, 2016

There are numerous advantages of routers today. People are willing to gain understanding how to improve the utilization of a perfect wireless router. They need to be aware of the importance of the default IP address for managing different elements of the router. Over the following few paragraphs we will look at the main things about the default router IP address.

An Internet Protocol

Each and every device connected with a network system gets a completely unique IP address. The IP contains numbers and it is important for communicating and identity of all the devices in the network. Here are the primary uses of the default router IP.

–              Location addressing

–              Network or host interface identification

A default IP address

Default IPs are assigned to some resources in the network system. Changing the default IP is possible for every user because the router manufacturers have granted this.

Wireless router

A router is one of the devices in a computer network used to send data packets. Every wireless router has to be connected to more than two computer networks. This means the router is connected to the LAN or WAN network as well as the ISP’s network.

Five Things You Must Know About Your Router

Finding out how to troubleshoot and fix your own home network is essential for every user who has a wireless router with an assigned default IP address. Please take care of the following five things related to your default IP. You are going to learn how to use the wireless router IP to increase its performance and security.

  1. Setup your router
  2. Logging into the router
  3. Change settings and configurations
  4. Change the default IP
  5. Fixing networking problems

1. Wireless router setup

If you have bought a wireless router from a well-known brand on the market, then you should set it up in a correct way. Keep in mind that you need to get the user manualwhile buying a router. This owner’s manual is very useful to set up a wireless router and diagnose any type of problem associated with your home network router.

Over the wireless router setup process the very first thing you have to deal with is the cabling. The wireless router is connected to the WAN port and the Laptop or computer with the LAN port. After you do that, the next step should be to set-up your Computer to obtain an unique Ip from the wireless router. Next, you should switch everything off – the modem, the wireless router and the Laptop or computer.

Make sure you switch on the networking devices as follows.

–              Broadband modem

–              WiFi router

–              Personal Computer

2. Router login

Next you must login to your router so that you can configure it. Start your browser and type the default IP address in the search bar. The router login screen should appear. You have to enter the default username and password of your router.

3. Configure the router

Once you enter the router settings, you can change its configuration settings as you wish. For instance, you can change your network name or modify the passphrase. Focus on the IPS’s instructions manual and learn more about the WAN type at first.

In WAN settings, it is possible to change different things like dynamic IP, static Ip, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP and other things. Once you save the changes, your router is ready for use.

4. Change the default IP

Most likely you will like to change the default details. By changing the default password you are even closer to a completely properly secured home network. Therefore changing the router default password is one of the first actions you should do when you finish configuring your home network. You can read more information here :

Choose the Administration or Tools segment in your router settings page. There you’ll find the Change password option. You must set the most difficult password that cannot be predicted by others. Don’t forget to remember this brand new password This is because you should use this new password any time you login to your router’s admin page.

5. Troubleshooting

Most users find it very, very hard to resolve their network problems. Although they can consult the instructions manual, they find it much complicated and confusing to go through the troubleshooting process.

Every wireless router user is looking to get a quick and easy fix when the router starts bugging. It’s great to know that most wireless routers are most efficient on the 2.5 Gigahertz band. So checking if another device runs on the same band is one of the first things you should do.

For instance, some models of cord-less phones, microwave ovens, baby monitors and garage door openers use this band. This is recommended to remember that three actual channels of this specific band work without overlapping with each other. These three channels are 1, 6 and 11. If you customize the router channel properly you can experience a greater wireless router efficiency.

You won’t have to update your wireless router firmware now. You can upgrade your firmware and get benefits from the most effective home network router directly. The firmware upgrade can be downloaded from the router’s manufacturer site.

Once you’ve downloaded the newest firmware of your wireless router, go back to the admin page of your router by log in with the username and password. Now you have to discover the router firmware upgrade in the wireless router settings page. Updating the router firmware isn’t very difficult later on.

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