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5 Tips To Upload Perfect Photos Online

July 15, 2016

Clicking photographs and posting them on Facebook or Twitter is a common phenomenon. The present generation does not miss out on a chance to share every bit of their life with friends, both real and virtual. Not fetching too many likes in your photograph can make you feel a little low; such is the cyber-competition. Thus, more often than not, we all desperately try our best to upload the picture perfect images. Certainly, there are more reasons than merely fetching likes. Sometimes, you create your own photography page when your friends boost up and occasionally compliment you for being an upcoming photographer. You share different types of photographs, often participate in online photography contests and so on. Photography has undoubtedly become an integral part of the dot com society. Here are few tips to help you upload better images of yourself which is likely to impress not only your friends but also draw the jealous-eyes of other people.

  1. Click the photo properly: Even before you think about editing and cropping, it’s important to click the photo properly. Decide the background. Keep in mind the occasion. If it’s a party click, hold a glass of wine or any drinks for that matter. For a wedding ceremony, go and have a selfie with the bride! If you’re getting clicked at your office place, you can select a very serious background for yourself that emphasizes the workload. If you’ve gone out on a date, let the soft light effect remain in your photo. Selecting the background is an important job. Also, make sure that there is enough light while clicking. Remember that too much of light can destroy your photo face. Beware about the proper timing. And don’t forget to smile according to the situation.
  1. Click more than one: It is always wise to click more than one photograph at a time. Ask your photographer to click many pictures of the same pose randomly. If you rely too much on a single photograph for a particular pose, it might not turn out very well at the first go. Therefore, the idea is to click many pictures at a stretch and then to select the best one from the lot.
  1. Edit it with care: Sometimes, original photos do not look as good as the edited versions and therefore, one can hardly resist the temptation of editing a picture. However, you must be careful about selecting photos for editing. Not all photos require editing. Some of them are better off as original clicks. Do not hamper the beauty with editing. The greatest challenge of editing a photo is to make it look unedited, i.e. original. You must do the job very subtly so that the public do not understand the tricks beneath the face. At the same time, there are pictures which need a lot of editing and we all know how such smart edits can absolutely change the picture, in a positive way. Start with the cropping off of unnecessary background elements. Now work on the brightness and contrast, highlights and shadows. You can also bring in vignette effects and change the colour as it suits the image. You can soften or sharpen according to your requirement. These days, you find many photo editor apps with a number of options for giving a pretty look to your photo.
  1. Use a suitable caption: Using caption is a common trend. Most of the photographs come either with a description, a quotation or just a single sharp and short word. If you’re planning to provide a caption, don’t do it just for the sake of giving one. For a photo of nature like trees, rivers, mountains etc. use a poetic caption, may be a line from Wordsworth’s poem. The caption should have some kind of resemblance with the photo.
  1. Select the photographer wisely: An expert photographer knows the pros and cons of clicking a good photo. Select your photographer wisely. If you aren’t sure about their skills, visit the social media photo booth. They are the best ones in this field. Absolutely reliable and trustworthy!

Once these tiny details are settled, you will find your photos prepared for a successful upload. All the best for the likes!

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