5 Trends Currently Shifting The World Of Manufacturing and Maintenance

July 30, 2015

While most business news focuses on changes within certain industries, such as IT or retail, other industries are also experiencing exciting changes. Below introduces how the world of manufacturing and maintenance is currently being transformed through
technology and industry changes.

Social Media Interaction

The idea of mass production has now been replaced with the idea of mass customization. That is, customers expect to be able to create an individualized product through a convenient online process. This is because customers are well-informed and expect on-demand products. Social media allows customers to directly engage the manufacturer and create their desired product. It also allows for real time customer feedback and customer service interactions.

SMAC Stack

This is commonly referred to as the ‘fifth wave’ of IT infrastructure. SMAC stands for social, mobile, analytics and cloud. It combines these different business aspects in order to improve customer engagement and growth opportunities. Manufactures that use SMAC have experienced market share growth and efficiency improvements. SMAC is a virtual consumer business model design to enhance the consumer experience through connecting different company components together.

Maintenance Improvement

Many companies are now adopting the different maintenance management processes, such as the closed-loop improvement process, for their maintenance needs. This process involves assessing, planning, designing, installing, sustaining and verifying. Most companies find that this thorough process is very effective in managing their maintenance needs while keeping down costs and repeat problems.

Quality Control

Quality control, or QC, is no longer a casual buzzword, but a reality for most manufacturers. Product quality is now one of the competitive advantages that most manufacturers want to maintain. In a market over-saturated with similar products, consumers are now in control. Therefore, more and more companies are adopting high level quality programs, such as ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification. This ensures quality and is an excellent marketing tool. Learn more here: http://www.iso.org/iso/iso_9000.

Alternative Materials

As manufacturers look to cut costs while increasing quality, there are new trends with raw material applications. Most people are unaware that ceramic is not only harder than steel, but actually stronger. Ceramic has high abrasion resistance with zero change of corrosion. As a result, ceramic fabrication lowers manufacturing and maintenance costs while also lowering the need for replacement parts. Learn more about the benefits of ceramic from Ceramic Technology Inc.

There are game changing trends occurring within the manufacturing and maintenance world. These include increased social media interaction, utilizing SMAC and focus on better maintenance processes. In addition to this, quality control and alternative material sourcing is becoming more common.

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