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5 Ways Corporate Building Investors Can Maintain Their Property Value

January 22, 2020

Owning real estate is a good investment strategy, especially corporate buildings. You can lease the commercial space to successful companies and earn a good profit. However, you must maintain those corporate buildings to prevent businesses from moving on to your competitors. To get the highest return on your investment, it is important to understand how to maintain your property value as a corporate building investor. By focusing on your buildings, prioritizing tenant safety, keeping buildings maintained, and consistently communicating with your tenants, you will be able to ensure a steady cash flow from your investments. A corporate building investor must have a deep understanding of business building codes and regulations. Below are some of the ways you can maintain your property value and keep clients happy.

Focus on Your Buildings

The less time you spend managing your properties, the less money they will make. Therefore, you need to have a team devoted to monitoring the buildings and reporting pertinent information and changes back to management. It could be beneficial to put a small group onsite to monitor changes, issues, and maintenance issues. By focusing on the building quality over other technical and financial aspects, you will be able to insure that your investment lasts a long time.

Safety First

The safety of your tenants should always be your top priority. To keep a building secure, you should install security cameras or consider hiring security officers to monitor the building; the option you choose will depend on your budget and location, amongst other factors. Smaller and inexpensive safety precautions that satisfy clients include eliminating hazards, such as wiring and cords that could trip tenants and their visitors. The property should be well-lit, especially the exterior and parking lot areas. Prioritizing the safety of your clients could lead to renewed leases.

Keep Properties Well-Maintained

Building repairs and renovations are necessary to sustain your property value. These changes and fixes could keep the building up to code with local and federal regulations, and satisfy your clients. It is a good idea to have the building frequently inspected to prevent simple repairs from turning into expensive nightmares. A decent business building repair company will provide structural remediation and integrity, which helps commercial properties remain strong. As a corporate building investor, you should always keep your properties well-maintained.

Communicate with Tenants

An empty property cannot earn a profit, which is why your tenants are the top priority. It would help if you communicated with clients as often as possible to receive helpful feedback. An excellent way to make clients feel valued is to send out surveys. Focusing on clients can help you maintain your property value and avoid canceled leases. By keeping lines of communication open, you will be maintaining not only your building, but your business relationships as well. Open communication is key to maintaining your business assets, especially when things like leases and renting is concerned.

Clean the Buildings Regularly

Tenants do not want to walk into the building each day to look out of dirty windows or sit in an office with unpleasant odors. An excellent corporate investor will keep the building cleaned thoroughly by investing in janitorial or maid services. When it comes to new tenants, you have one time to make a first impression; therefore, your property should be clean and clutter-free. Invest in curb appeal to attract potential clients. The appearance of the building has a significant impact on your property’s value. Because of this, having regular and high quality building cleaning will be sure to boost your property value. It also improves your relationship with your clients. In some cases, you may require that the clients shoulder the task of cleaning the building, but you will want to make sure that they do so regularly and in a way that meets your standards.

Investing in commercial property is a significant risk, but with a great team in line, effective strategies in place, and commitment, it could be the perfect decision. Remember that as a corporate building investor, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and handling building repairs are two the best ways to sustain property value and keep tenants happy. Be sure to research building codes and business regulations, not only for your own purposes, but also so you can best communicate with and meet the needs of your clients.

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