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5 Ways To Reward Your Employees Around Thanksgiving

November 13, 2015

One of the greatest American celebrations, Thanksgiving, is precisely that. An opportunity to show how much we appreciate and care about the people around us. Although your employees are not your true family, you surely want to show them your appreciation, and to put “giving” into Thanksgiving. Here are some of the ways in which you can do that.

Gifting Basket

This is one of the most common ways to express yourself. It is very easy to make, and if you are less keen on doing this yourself, you can always order it, since it is not too expensive. As for the content of the basket, you can fill it with gifts, cookies, fruit or whatever you think your employees like. This is your decision, and if you think about food, be careful about allergies. You do not want for your workers to get the wrong picture. Tell them what each cookie contains, so that they know if it is safe for them to eat.


Keeping your team closely knit is sometimes a bit hard. One of the best ways to show your gratitude is to organize meals for all. In order to avoid the mess and fuss in your tea kitchen, it is recommended to rent a part of a nice restaurant. That way you will get more “out of the office time”, so you may create better connections. Also, avoid talking about business, as this is your time to relax and enjoy yourself, and not to work. A nice glass of wine will relax minds and bodies, and you will see how fast connections are made and how this will benefit you in the long run.


If one or more employees have moved to your city recently, there is a great possibility that they will want to travel back home, in order to spend the holiday with their families. It is possible to arrange such a thing and a day or two will not harm your business too much. Thanks to modern technology, many of your workers will be able to work on the go, while onboard a plane, or in a train. People will appreciate going out of your way for them, and it is even possible that they will offer to work on several Saturdays, in order to return the favor.


Let us face it, the times we are living in are harsh. Every generosity it highly appreciated, and one of the biggest concerns of a modern man is money. We are not saying that you should splash thousands of dollars to help your employees, but a small token of gratitude will do the job. Now, the manner in which you will work this out is completely up to you. Whether you will go for a white envelope with money, a bonus on a paycheck, or one of those fancy visa gift cards, you cannot go wrong. You will help your employees and, in addition, you will feel better, knowing that you have made someone’s life a lot easier.

Of course, these are merely suggestions. You can organize and make a combination of all these proposals. For larger companies, there will be diversities in wishes. Some people will want to go home, others will need money. Try to find out what they wish for, and make them happy.

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