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6 Essential Checks when Planning A Marquee Wedding

February 26, 2016

While it’s fair to say that there are plenty of unique considerations that must be addressed when it comes to planning a marquee wedding, the process doesn’t necessarily have to be a particularly complicated one. According to the experts at, the single biggest mistake so many enthusiastic planners make is that of diving into the deep end and somewhat letting their enthusiasm get the best of them. Rather than ensuring every critical box is ticked from top to bottom, they instead rush to get things done and inevitably make one or two mistakes along the way.

Of course, there’s technically no such thing as a right or wrong way of hosting a marquee wedding reception as it comes almost entirely down to personal tastes.  Nevertheless, there are certain essential checks that must be carried out during the planning process, in order to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.

Here’s a quick overview of six important examples:

1 – Location

First of all, it’s worth considering the immediate locality and vicinity around the location in which the wedding reception is to take place. The reason being that while it may clearly be one of the most beautiful and seemingly perfect settings for a wedding reception imaginable, close proximity to housing estate, businesses and so on may throw a spanner in the works. It’s not as if your reception necessarily has to be in an extremely remote location, but if you run the risk of disturbing the locals or causing a disruption, this could prove problematic.

2 – Access

Something else to bear in mind is that while any given location may in almost every respect appear to be ideal, you need to think carefully about accessibility.  Try to remember that in order to get the marquee set up in the first place and bring all the equipment required for your reception, the chosen venue needs to be quite supremely accessible. It’s really no good if the required vans, trucks and workforce have extremely limited access to the selected venue as this may make it impossible to get things set up and prepared.

3 – Transportation

In a similar vein, being able to choose almost any location in the country is a blessing to say the least, but at the same time you really need to consider transportation options for your guests. The simple fact of the matter is that the more difficult the venue is to travel to, the more likely your guests are to decline their invitations or leave early. It’s a good idea to take into account things like general accessibility, car parking, public transport, availability of taxis, travelling time, nearby accommodation and so on – all of which will play a role in both the success and general enjoyment of your reception.

4 – Catering

One thing that should be considered and ideally arranged as far in advance as possible is catering. What’s important to remember in this instance is the fact that the very best catering teams and equipment hire services tend to be booked up quite a long way in advance – particularly during the busiest winning seasons of the year. The later you leave it, the less likely you are to gain access to the very best deals available from the very best catering teams on the market.  In addition, it is also extremely advisable to consider working with a marquee hire company that also offers comprehensive service packages including full catering services and equipment hire.

5 – Weather

When it comes to the weather, it’s the classic case of having to hope for the best but at the same time prepare for the worst. The British elements are nothing if not notorious for throwing out all manner of curveballs when least expected – even in the height of summer, you cannot bank on beautiful weather. As such, you need to ensure that you are working with a high quality marquee hire company that offers the kind of industry leading hardware that can stand up to absolutely anything the elements may throw at it.

6 – Support

Last but not least, it is always strongly advisable to get in touch with the market’s leading team of marquee hire professionals at the earliest possible juncture, as opposed to trying to plan everything manually and then seeking their assistance. The fact of the matter is that the earlier you begin working with the professionals, the more comprehensively helpful and fully independent advice and information you will gain access to. The simple fact of the matter is that if you are not already an experienced and professional marquee wedding planner, it is in your best interests to take on the helpful knowledge and insights of an established pro.

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