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6 Tenacious Fashion Rules You Should Start Breaking Right Now!

February 19, 2016

If you’ve ever found yourself sick to the back teeth of being told what you can and cannot do when it comes to what you wear…well, let’s just say you’re far from in the minority! Fashion rules have existed pretty much since the dawn of time and despite how vigorously most may deny it, the vast majority of people are guilty of following a good few of them at least.

Which isn’t necessarily the end of the world, but if there’s any time you find yourself going against your own taste and judgment simply due to a ‘rule’, this is something of a shame. In fact, the experts at routinely argue that to purposefully go against certain longstanding rules makes considerably more sense than following them!

Just to illustrate the point a little more clearly, here’s a quick rundown of six examples of the kinds of tenacious fashion rules you might want to think about deliberately breaking right now:

1 – You Should Never Let Your Bra Show

There is at least a semblance of truth and good advice in this particular rule, but only if referring to a bra that really doesn’t warrant being put on show in any way, shape or form. By contrast, if you where to find yourself in possession of an absolutely beautiful piece of immaculate taste and elegance, it can be enormously effective to wear it either under sheer top, or perhaps a sweater with a few buttons undone to give the world a glimpse at the oh-so pretty middle.  Under no circumstances however should you fall into the trap of assuming that showing a bra is always a bad idea.

2 – If You Plan to Tuck Your Shirt In, You Need To Wear A Belt

Regardless of how deeply in love with belts you may be, there is simply no denying the fact that in some instances they will simply make your outfit come across as cluttered. The simple fact of the matter is that just as long as the bottoms your wear fit like a dream, there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving the belt a miss. In fact, doing so can strategically divert attention to the other accessories you decide to wear, presenting your outfit in a somewhat different dynamic. This particular rule clearly originated in the office and doesn’t necessarily apply to the real world.

3 – You Can Show Your Cleavage or Your Legs, But Not Both

Exactly where from and why this particular myth emerged in the first place we may never know, but it’s at least comforting to see the vast majority of people completely ignoring it anyway. Without getting completely carried away and crossing the taste barrier, there really are (or at least should be) no rules whatsoever when it comes to baring as much as you dare.  Still, if you check out the continually published online rule books with the kinds of things you should and should be doing, you’ll probably find this one quite close to the top.

4 – Tall Women and Heels Don’t Mix

Another rule that’s as old as the hills and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, why on earth shouldn’t tall women confidently wear heels? Some say it all comes down to ensuring you don’t find yourself in a position where men are intimidated by you simply due to your height. Needless to say, this is an absolutely terrible reason not to wear something you would otherwise have worn. In reality, tall women look absolutely fantastic with heels on and should never deny themselves due to any archaic presumptions.

5 – Short Women and Long Dresses Do Not Go Well Together

Once again, this is a rule which undoubtedly alters and influences the way in which millions of women all over the world choose which garments to buy and which to simply long for. While it’s true to say that long dresses that are somewhat on the bulky side can make short women look even shorter, long dresses that skim the body with exquisite draping can actually give the appearance of perceived height.  Try it, you might be surprised!

6 – You Should Always Dress For Your Body Type

Last but not least, there is one fundamental flaw with this particular rule which is the fact that it doesn’t take into account for one second how you feel or whether you are happy. The rule book may tell you that you have to dress a certain way due to being petite, curvy, tall or whatever, but in following these rules you may find yourself getting absolutely no joy whatsoever from what you wear. Instead, the only rule to follow is to buy and wear the clothes that you like, the clothes that make you feel good and the clothes you want. The rule book quite frankly shouldn’t get a second thought!

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