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6 Things About Sink Unblocking Every Homeowner Should Know

April 20, 2016

Although many drainage companies and government authorities are spreading words on importance of drain care, it’s a fact that a large number of homeowners in the country still dump food waste and a lot more into their kitchen sink. Grease and fat are two of the most common causes of blocked sink.

So, if you are a household troubling with blocked sink and that awful smell coming out of your sink drain, remember you aren’t the only victim of such drain havoc. And not every homeowner out there is aware of the right way to sink unblocking. This post discusses some of the most important things you need to know to unblock your sink correctly and to avoid blocked drain scenario in future.

6 Things You Need To Know With Regard To Sink Unblocking

Common Reasons Behind Slow Running Sinks

Butter, oil and fat are a part of our everyday cooking, isn’t it? But have you ever considered how they end up meeting the drainage pipe? When you dispose food waste, oil and fat into sink drains, they solidify over time and grab other solid particles; this build-up eventually creates a major blog into the drainage line. This build-up will also prevent water flowing through the drainage pipe creating localized flooding into your sink.

Identifying The Need For Emergency Sink Unblocking

In worst case, blocked sink can cause flooding and create a terrifying site at home. Messy water over the floors and wet walls can damage electric wiring, home appliances and invite harmful bacteria to your doorstep. In such scenario, it is advised to call out an emergency drain unblocking company local to your area at the earliest.

Fixing a Smelly Kitchen Sink

Often clogged drains product nasty smells. If you are witnessing foul odors coming out of your sink drain, use DIY drain cleaners like baking soda and vinegar with hot water to clean the sink. If smell continues, it is recommended to call a sink unblocking specialist to look into the matter.

Tools Commonly Used For Sink Unblocking

You need not to be a certified drainage professional to have some easy-to-use household tools like a plunger and a snake available at home. When you sink seems to run slowly, you can use these tools to unblock the drain. You can buy these tools at your a local store. They are quite cheap.

If Calling a Professional Drainage Company Makes Sense?

Of course, it does! There are plenty of benefits of leaving the sink unblocking job to drainage professionals instead of being a super-whizz-kid. The drainage specialists know the right methods and tools to clear any drainage problem your sink may have. They adhere to best of industry’s guideline to ensure health and safety during the job.

You Need Not To Spend Whole Day To Unblock Your Sink

The drainage experts typically need one-two hour to fix clogged sink. However if there are other damage encounter while fixing the problem, you may need to replace a section of pipe and wait longer to get your sink running again.

But You Can Avoid Blocked Sink…

Making some small changes in the way you use your sink can help you avoid blocked drain and save these hassles. Always dispose solid food waste and other particles into dustbin. You can also fit a sink strainer to ensure no food particles can go down the drain.

Don’t throw excess oil or fat into the sink directly. Instead you can collect them into a container, allow them to come to normal temperature, pack them into plastic bags and throw away into your dustbin. If you are using sink to wash plates and other kitchen utensils, make sure you first clear all leftover from the utensils in a separate container to prevent it go down the drain.

Need more tips on how to avoid blocked sink? Call a sink unblocking specialist today!

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