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6 Upgrades You Can Make Yourself to Improve Your Car’s Performance

November 10, 2021

Everyone loves a clean and shiny car, but it can be hard to justify taking your ride in for a professional detail when you know that there are DIY products out there that could do the same job.

Upgrading your car’s appearance with simple tweaks is a great way to save money and improve the functionality of your car simultaneously. It doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Let’s go over six upgrades that can be performed easily by anyone with a screwdriver and a free afternoon.

Fix Foggy Headlights

If your headlight lenses have become foggy due to extreme temperature changes, you can eliminate this problem with a can of soda and some elbow grease. All you need to do is whip up a thick paste using ingredients around your house, then use it to scrub away the fog until your headlights are as crystal clear as they were when new.

Clean Your Headlights

If you notice that the headlight lenses on your car are starting to look cloudy or yellowed with age, you can quickly spruce them up with toothpaste. Once your headlights are looking white again, you can use Rain-X on their surface to prevent any dirt or water spots from building up.

Clean Your Windows

One way to upgrade your car’s appearance is to improve your vision while driving it, and there are two products you can buy that will give you crystal clear windows every time: Rain-X and 3M Crystal Clear. These products are specifically made to repel rain, snow, sleet, ice, and any other type of moisture that can build up on your windows while you drive.

Touch-Up Paint

Touch-up paint is excellent for making the inevitable scrapes and scratches that happen to your car less noticeable, but you can’t rely on it to completely cover a large area of damage. If you need to spruce up your ride’s exterior without breaking the bank, mix a customized color on the spot with a small amount of primer and some touch-up paint.

Flexible Floor Mats

Even if you’re not 100% satisfied with your stock floor mats, that doesn’t mean that the only solution is to go out and buy new ones. You can upgrade your old floor mats by adding high-durability plastic clips, making them flexible enough to be pulled and placed around your floorboard.

Space-Saving Spare Tire

Consider installing a swing-away cargo tray if you want to add a temporary spare tire but don’t have space in your trunk. These trays allow for the storage of more oversized items and can hold a full-size spare while saving a significant amount of trunk space. Some trays even pivot open to provide you with easy access to the auto front disc brake conversion kit.

In conclusion, there are many upgrades available to your car that you can do yourself, without the hassle of scheduling appointments with mechanics, so they can milk your wallet. These upgrades may be small, but they can make a difference. If you have any spare time, try some of these upgrades, and have fun with them!

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