7 Mind-Blowing Valentine’s Day Ideas For You!

By alina
May 9, 2016

The word Valentine’s Day itself is enough to cast a magic on lover birds. This day has a prime importance in the life of couples as it gives them the opportunity to cherish their love and romantic togetherness. On this day, partners pamper each other through gift-giving, special dates, and everything else that can make their day special and memorable. If you are also in a relationship and want to make Valentine’s Day unforgettable for your lover, then we can help you out. Presented below are some ideas they are not only special, but also thoughtful at the same time. Go for any one of them and impress your lover within minutes. He/she is sure to appreciate you for your efforts!

  • Breakfast in Bed: If you are married and want to delight your wife on V-day, then cook for her. Sneak out of your bed before she wakes up and cook a special breakfast for her. This can be a perfect start of her day. If you don’t know how to cook, search a simple recipe on internet and go for it.
  • Throughout Gift: Decide to gift your partner something thoughtful. Get him/her a usual gift like a chocolate box or a flower bouquet or anything else. Pair up your gift with a love letter. Pen down a romantic letter depicting what you feel for him/her and attach that letter with your gift. With several intimate expressions of love in the shayari, your partner will come to know how much he/she means to you. That Love Shayari will be something your honey will treasure forever!
  • Record a Video: Spend Valentine’s Day with your lover and record each and every moment you enjoy in a digital cam. That video will bring a big smile on your and your partner’s lips every time you watch it.
  • Decorate your Room: This is a great idea for people who are married for delighting their partner on V-day. Decorate your room with roses, ribbons, scented candles and other decorating items. Also, place your gift/gifts in that room. Once your darling arrives, take him/her there to give a surprise.
  • Arrange a Candlelight Dinner: Order food from a restaurant and decorate your table with lots of candles. Dine on that table at night. You can also take your partner to a restaurant for a candlelight dinner.
  • Play a Scavenger Hunt: Take your darling on a scavenger hunt. Hide a few gifts in different places around the house and ask your partner to answer riddles to search those items. In the end, he/she will be so pleased to receive so many gifts.
  • Reasons why ‘I Love you’: Make colored paper hearts and write on them reasons why you love your partner. Decorate his/her room with these hearts. You can even hide these heart messages in different places of his/her house. Remember, if you do not live with your partner, you have to do this task while he/she is not around. Those love messages are sure to touch your partner’s heart!
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