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7 Shoes That Will Keep You Light and Stylish This Spring

April 4, 2016

Shoes are life to girls and they will never be happy with their shoe closet. Will they? Nope. But what they are satisfied is in, collecting and wearing variety of shoes and matching them with different attires they have. So let’s have a look at the gorgeous pair of shoes that arrived in the market for this spring season:

  1. Floral Wedges

Feminine look is every day the best look. The simple point is, if the guys can enjoy their masculinity then girls can cherish their femininity too. These Floral Wedges are the perfect combination of human society and nature. The flowers are so well imprinted in these wedges to look out for. You can gladly wear these wedges to your dinner date incorporated with a mini-dress. You will be a vision to watch and clearly you will win over all the hearts across the street.

  1. Strap Toe Heels

Strap Toe Heels are the sexiest shoe to wear and one of the boldest designs to carry. Mostly these are seen in fashion shows where the models vigorously dawns the cat walk by wearing these strappy heels. These are said to be bold as it requires a lot of attention to your feet to be clean and well polished. There are various designs to try on like multi straps, cross straps, rear zipper and multi-colored straps. You wear these strap heels to show your sexy and bold side to the people.

  1. Knee High Boots

Confidence is the key to wear this Knee High Boots. Unfortunately we can’t wear boots for all the season and therefore you need to wear boots as much you can. These are the combo of coolness and sexiness for teenage girl shoes. Wear it with a mini-skirt and you look at how cool this pair of shoes is.

  1. Platform Sandals

Girls are known for their grace and beauty but someone says ‘you have no brain’, well ignore them as they don’t. Fashion needs a lot of brain-storming and people tend to forget that. Platform Sandals are the perfect teenage girl shoes. These sandals are comfy to wear and let you dance carelessly. These shoes give you freedom to do anything you want. These lets you fly like a free bird.

  1. Pointed Toe Heels

Pointed Toe Heels are the perfect way to show your newly pedicures feet. It is the new way to leave an impression. You can wear these heels with a chic trouser with a translucent top to flaunt your glamour quotient.

  1. Jelly Wedges

Jelly Wedges are called to be the new combo of cool and funk in the fashion world. These are gorgeous pair of shoes which can give a glimpse of your utmost funky fashion sense and boldness. These can be paired with a maxi dress or you can also wear it with casual jeans and top.

  1. Lace Up High Sandals

Lace Up High Sandals are one of the most unique designs that arrived at any season. These are not painful but super-stylish. Unless all the fashionable shoes comes in default with high and pointed heels, these sandals tops the list of comfort and high-street fashion.

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