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7 Top Reasons You Should Consider Professional Car Detailing

July 22, 2016

Car detailing is often done to improve the looks of a car but there are other benefits as well. Detailing goes beyond the basic car washing services and, as the name implies, includes the small details that really make a difference. Once you realize the benefits of having your car professionally detailed, you may decide to make the service a regular part of your vehicle’s maintenance. Below are some of the top reasons for going beyond washing your car and go for detailing as well.

  1. Preserve Your Paint Job Dust, dirt, and exposure to the elements can diminish the paint and allow damage to get through to the metal underneath. The attention that the professionals give to the exterior of the vehicle will help to remove dirt and oil and protect the finish from the harmful ultraviolet rays of sunlight that otherwise make paint fade.

  2. Odor Control No matter how you use your vehicles, odors collect and get into the carpeting and upholstery where they blend and linger. @the Car Wash offers an odor counteractant service that makes your vehicle smell fresh again. Whether you haul trash in the back, have a collection of odors from a number of fast food restaurants, or transport wet pets fresh from the lake, car detailing will get rid of the odors your lifestyle leaves behind.

  3. Keep Leather Supple Sun and heat can cause leather to dry out. Some places us leather conditioning to protect all the leather from drying out and cracking, ruining your interior.

  4. Get the Bugs Out Car detailing includes cleaning the headlights and taillights, getting them free of bugs and other kinds of debris that reduce the amount of light that gets through. Not only will your lights look better when they are cleaned; they will operate more safely too.

  5. Prevent Rust If you live in an area that experiences snowy winters, you probably drive on snowy roads that have been treated with salt. The car chassis is especially vulnerable to road salt and mud. When these contaminants aren’t cleaned from the vehicle in a timely manner, they can cause rust to develop and eat through paint.

  6. Update the Look of the Tires The tires are closer to the road than any other part of your car and the most likely to be exposed to dirt, oil, and chemicals. This accumulation of debris and solvents can make tires look old and degrade the integrity of the rubber. Car detailing can improve the looks of the tires and prevent them from cracking or failing altogether.

  7. You Are Going to Sell If your vehicle’s usefulness has come to an end, improving its appearance can actually increase the resale value.

From these factors alone, it is easy to see the car detailing is more than a means to improve the looks of your vehicle. Some services can preserve materials and even make the vehicle safer to drive. Make sure you choose a reputable car detailing service to protect your investment.

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