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7 Unpleasant Physical Experiences

November 18, 2015

We can take all necessary precautions, but we can’t stay healthy and fit from birth until death. Being a woman isn’t an easy task – there are so many unpleasant and painful events like the gynecological examination and childbirth. Prepping for a major surgery can be quite scary when you think about handling with various vital items like a catheter, infusion and numerous monitors. The process of fixing a broken bone is without a doubt one of the most excruciating events in a lifetime of an individual. Men are obliged to endure an examination at the urologist office in order to ensure vitality and longevity. Toothache is such a painful and annoying experience, but we’re trying so hard to ignore the pain and stay away from dentist’s office. Catching a cold, a stomach virus or a common flu could also be accompanied by numerous tricky symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea and dizziness.

There’s no way to evade certain unpleasant physical experiences during a lifetime. Pain and discomfort are elements of life which inevitably form our daily routine. It’s quite common to experience stress and panic that’s connected with a specific activity. We can’t be happy and at ease at all times. Sometimes it’s essential to get through a rough patch and simply be brave. Discomfort is something that lurks around the corner and waits for a favorable moment of a personal frailty. It’s important to stay strong and get through all those unpleasant situations in the matter of minutes. Certain procedures take some time, so it’s hard to disregard them. Having this in mind, we’ve arranged a list of 7 unpleasant physical experiences.

1.  Childbirth is one of those magical and wonderful moments in a life of a woman. A new human being is stepping onto the stage of life and there are so many interesting emotions to discover. On the other hand, it’s important to point out the fact that childbirth can be a painful and traumatic experience as well. After all, it’s not easy to squeeze out a melon through a lemon shaped cavity, right?

2.   Prepping up for a surgery is an eerie experience filed with anxiety and panic. It’s unpleasant to watch all those members of the medical staff running around you with a catheter, infusion and various monitors.

3.   Fixing a broken bone at the doctor’s office after a fall is such a stressful venture. Everything will be fixed in the matter of minutes, but it will remain as a bad memory in your mind.

4.   It’s essential to visit a gynecologist from time to time. We wouldn’t rank this routine as painful, but we’ll place it on our list of unpleasant experiences.

5.   Men need to take regular examinations at the urologist office to ensure personal vitality and longevity.

6.   Toothache is such a painful problem which we’ll disregard for as long as it’s possible. We’ll make an appointment at the dentist when we finally run out of patience and strength.

7.   Catching a cold or a stomach virus could get complicated by some troubling side effects like elevated body temperature, dizziness, diarrhea and vomiting.

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