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8 Amazing Blogging Lessons from Albert Einstein

May 30, 2016

Albert Einstein was one of the most influential physicists whose scientific contributions have great influence on philosophy of science. His major developments include theory of relativity, deflection of light as a result of gravity, quantum theories, relativistic cosmology and many more. His lessons and contributions are not only limited up to scientific world but his personal opinions and sayings also keep encouraging every section of society to achieve life goals with great zeal and enthusiasm. You must be thinking that what the relevance of blogging with Albert Einstein’s life is. But I would say Albert Einstein’s life and his views teach a lot of things to our blogging as well. If we try to incorporate his opinions to our blogging, we can definitely take our blogging to the next level.

Determination or Perseverance

Albert Einstein refused to call himself smart but he said that he used to stay with problems for long. This is one of the greatest lessons from Albert Einstein that teaches us to be determined with efforts even if it is taking too long to see good results. As you know blogging is a work where you cannot get overnight results. It takes efforts for several months and sometimes years. You can only qualify to the success if you can be persevering through the years of efforts.


According to Albert Einstein, he had no special talent rather he was just a passionately curious person. Curiosity is a quality which lets a person find out solution for a problem, doesn’t matter how difficult it is. In blogging as well, you will have to work to satisfy your curiosity. Research new facts and find out innovative ways which can lead to the success of your blog. Don’t limit your capabilities to a certain level. Your curiosity will bring a positive change one day.

Focus on Present

Albert Einstein’s life also teaches us a lot about incorporating focus and attention to our work. If we have chosen blogging as our profession then it is important for us not to let our mind diverted to our things. We have to keep our focus towards it and put our efforts honestly. Your full attention and focus towards your blogging efforts will let you put extra energy to it and this energy will definitely return good results.

Creating Value

According to Albert Einstein, your focus should not be to become a successful person rather your focus should be towards creating value of your work. We often think to create your blog a successful one and don’t even think about the value of information we are delivering to the readers. But we forget that value is the key to success. So if you are more focused towards creating a valuable blog then it is obvious that it will be loved by your audience and will of course be a successful one. Hence give more importance to value of information that you are offering through your blog.

Make Mistakes

Albert Einstein said that if a person never makes a mistake it means he is not trying anything new. Mistakes always lead you towards perfection. A human being can never be perfect from birth. How a person can understand disadvantage associated with anything if he has never tried it. In other words, when talking about blogging, never presume that if you will implement new thing to your blog it will affect the blog negatively. If your innovation is being rejected by your audience, even then you are getting an idea of taste of your audience. This is called experience and this experience will lead you towards success.

Avoid Repetition

As per Albert Einstein, if you want different results, you will have to work in different way. Repeating same thing again and again will not give you improved or different results. Bring some difference in your blogging routine and it will certainly bring change in your results as well.

Play Better By Learning the Rules

Before you put your hand in blogging, learn every rule of it; only then you can do better than others who are already beating the market with their regular efforts. This is another important lesson we learn from Albert Einstein’s life. Learn every basic of blogging and then implement your thoughts for betterment.

Expect Opposition

Different people have different opinions. As a result it is quite obvious that you will have to face opposition for the ideas you will share through your blog. According to Albert Einstein, great spirits always have to encounter oppositions. So be prepared for that and don’t let you morale go down due to certain negativities.

These are greatest and highly valuable lessons from Albert Einstein’s life that can let you be a leader in blogging Field.

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