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8 Home Renovation Tips To Create More Interest In Home Buyers

By Demes
October 29, 2015

Before you think of selling your home, you need to know what to renovate in order to increase its resale value. The process of renovating a home with an intention to sell it at a competitive market price is not an easy one. The process can be perplexing, but with a careful approach you can easily navigate through the entire procedure. Below are some renovation tips to go by.

1. Begin with Your Kitchen

If your kitchen needs serious renovation, you have to fix that before listing your house. A worn out kitchen will definitely make your home lose value. Note that this is not the time to upscale or come up with a luxury kitchen. Concentrate on the normal renovation tasks such as replacing cabinets, countertops and flooring. If you can afford to upgrade your kitchen with energy efficient applicants, then do so. This is definitely going to increase the resale value of your home.

2. Remodel Your Bathroom

Home buyers also pay keen attention to the condition of bathrooms. If your lavatory is looking grungy and needs to be remodeled, then do it before advertising your house for sale. Consider replacing tiles, upgrading the medicine cabinet, replacing light fixtures and thoroughly cleaning the grout. If the bathroom has old shower doors, consider replacing them with new ones. Also, you can add another bathroom if your house has only one.

3. Add a Master Suite

You may consider adding a master suite in your home to make it more desirable to most home buyers. You can create a master bedroom, master bathroom and a sitting area. For a broader appeal, you may consider making your bathroom handicap-accessible.

4. Lighting

Replace the existing lighting with current and attractive light fixtures that will give your home a fantastic look and modern look. Some of the lighting fixtures that will appeal many prospective buyers include track lighting, ambient lighting, task lighting and LED lighting. Note that modern lighting will not cost a fortune and it will also save you money on the long run while making the house more energy efficient.

5. Landscaping

The way your home appears from a distance can make or break how people perceive it. Take time to renovate the current landscaping if it does not look attractive. Consider planting trees, flower gardens and shrubs. You may consider adding landscaping lighting in order to create focal points on your yard. Also, trim the existing plants to the desired sizes.

6. The Exterior

Improve the outlook of your house. If it has a wood siding, consider painting it. You can replace the wood siding with a vinyl one since most buyers get attracted to vinyl more than wood. Whatever you do with the exterior, always remember that neutral is the key. Do not choose colors that will not appeal to the average home buyer. You may consider replacing windows and exterior doors if they have worn out.

7. Add a Deck

The addition of deck in the backyard can attract many prospective home buyers. Decks can either be simple or complex. A complex deck can have multiple levels, lounge area, as well as an outdoor kitchen. You can save money by doing much of construction tasks yourself.

8. Interior

Add fresh coat to the interior walls of your home. If there are any dated wallpapers on the wall, remove them. When painting the interior rooms, use neutral palette and avoid bold colors. Renovate the interior floors and remove old carpets.


Before you embark on the remodeling job, consult a licensed real estate professional in your area to get suggestions for renovation to your home. The expert will tell you which improvements are important and attractive to buyers and which ones are not. Also, the realtor will be in a position to recommend you the most reputable home remodeling company in your area.

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