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8 Things To Know Before You Visit Beijing

July 11, 2016

As a traveler what are your concerns before going to a place completely unknown? Almost everything maybe, whether you will be able to understand their culture, people should not misjudge your intention and behavior and what not. Though Beijing Tours are friendly but you must know some things before visiting the country:

  1. No matter what people say but Bejing Airport Express is the best way to get from PEK Airport into the city. Beijing is notorious for taxi scammers; they will long-haul you around the chaotic ring roads. Only take taxis as a last resort if public transportation is shut down or if there’s no other viable option.
  2. The good thing is it is tough to get lost in the city though. The street are all laid out in a big grid and you can walk around venture down tiny alleyways and streets with a vague idea of where you are going. Even the backstreets are safe and nobody will be staring at you. Even if you do get lost, you’ll find a subway station eventually and be able to find your way home.
  3. One of the most important things is be prepared when it comes to getting around since you cannot speak Mandarin. You must keep the name of your hotel and its address printed out in Chinese characters. Best recommendation would be to keep Google map screenshots of where the hotel and also the route from the airport to your hotel.
  4. Pollution is not as bad as you have been informed. Also, weather is a factor when it comes to facing too much pollution. Keep antihistamine tablets and ventolin along with you.
  5. Standing close in the city is pretty much normal so, if you are in a queue, person behind you might be so close to even press against you. You might not be used to it so, you might feel weird and uncomfortable. Be prepared.
  6. Don’t wait for all your food to arrive just because you order early. Ordering first doesn’t mean it’s coming out first. Dishes you order will come out when they’re ready and also, you might not get all the food at the same time. So, when one plate arrives, just start eating it. It could be a while before the next one shows up.
  7. Peak hour on the subways are crazy. So, try and avoid catching the subway during peak hours. There are a lot of people squeezing onto trains to get to work and it is not the time for a tourist to be caught up in all of it.
  8. The relief is security is tight as they take security very seriously in Beijing. Be prepared that your bags will be scanned at every train station and large tourist spots too. At the airport you will be frisked and everything thoroughly scanned and checked. Your luggage might even get cracked open too, just before it got on the plane.
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