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8 Ways In Which Drug Abuse Really Affects Teenagers

September 20, 2016

Many people often seek the help of organizations such as for drug abuse. While most understand the harm that drugs can do to the body, not everyone wraps their mind around prolonged exposure to children. For a teenager, these kinds of issues can be more devastating than what they may realize.

The human brain will continue to develop until a person reaches their early 20s. Although drug and alcohol abuse is bad for anyone at any age, it’s the development of the brain that makes it more dangerous for teens. Because their brains are still in development, a teenager can inadvertently cause permanent damage to themselves. Even if the drugs were used once, it can have lasting effects on careers and lifestyles for decades to come.

1. Lapse in Processing Information

Most drugs directly affect the neurotransmitters of the brain. Damaging these connections while the brain is in development can be devastating for a teen’s ability to think and reason. While this is true in anyone of any age, interrupting the development of these connections while the brain is growing vastly increases the amount of damage that can be done to the mind.

2. Reducing Motor Control and Reflexes

The brain is responsible for more than just processing information. It also influences fine-motor control as well as nervous reflexes. Damage to this organ at an early age can make it difficult for the teen to do everything from drive a car to avoid injury from his or her surroundings. A slow reaction time while behind the wheel of an automobile can put everyone on the road at risk.

3. Pleasure Centers of the Brain

Many experts believe that over stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain can make it difficult to be happy later in life. This is partially because of the euphoria that often comes with drug abuse. As a result, teens may find it more difficult to get enjoyment out of anything because of this damage.

4. Memory Problems

Causing memory problems in the brain can result in missing learning opportunities for a young mind. This can result in a lack of proper education, which may be vital to future career choices. It may also prevent acquiring the knowledge needed for higher education. For instance, many colleges and universities require a certain grade point average to attend.

5. Altering Perceptions of Reality

While a brain is under development, altered perceptions of reality can easily become a permanent fixture. This includes everything from how a person understands situations to tactile sensations. Depending on the drug of choice, sense of smell and taste can be influenced greatly. The brain can interpret perceptions to varying degrees, and drug abuse at a young age can make it difficult to rectify those issues later on.

6. Unhealthy Habit Development

Habits can be bad enough to try and get rid of. However, it can be even more difficult on that of a teenager. When certain activities become so hard-wired into the brain during development, it can become that much more difficult to free oneself. For instance, many teens will pick up smoking cigarettes while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

7. Bad Choices In Sexual Partners

Teens and adults alike often make bad choices when it comes to sexual partners while abusing substances. However, these kinds of choices can make far more of in impact on a mind that is not ready for such encounters. Not only can it greatly affect someones mentality towards intercourse, but certain diseases can be devastating to someone who hasn’t experienced life yet. There is a great deal of responsibility that goes into choosing a partner, and teenagers don’t have the mindset to make a logical choice, especially while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

8. Accidental Overdose

Not everyone goes out of their way to experience an accidental overdose. However, substances such as medication for ADHD are often related to severe complications and even death when taken in excess by teens. Public health officials state how ADHD abuse is similar to opioids such as heroin, which may be a great cause of concern because they are so readily available. Many teenagers are constantly putting themselves at risk by taking this medication without prescriptions.

Severe modification to areas of the brain while it’s in development may be next to impossible to fix. However, a child doesn’t need to go through life with severe drug problems. By visiting detox local establishments, these young minds have the ability to reclaim their lives before it’s too late. A teen may still be able to look towards a brighter future with the right treatment.

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