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8 Ways To Improve Body Posture While Taking An Online Course

October 13, 2015

One thing students of online courses need to always maintain while studying is good posture. Having the right posture is very important for those who are always sitting in front of the computer. Oftentimes, people would slouch as they work on the computer, and this can easily make them feel tired and worn out. Aside from this, though, bad posture also leads to poor concentration, headache, and inability to retain information.

Here are some tips on how you can improve your posture as you study online:

Sit Straight

Sitting with a straight back is very important when studying in front of the computer. This position enables you to breathe in larger amounts of air and it also helps increase your focus and comprehension of the lecture.

Use a Chair with Back Support

To help you maintain the proper sitting position, sit on a chair with a back support. Also make sure that both your legs are comfortably resting on the floor.

If you can’t Sit Straight, Lean Back

According to a Scottish study, if you are not too comfortable sitting up straight, another way to avoid straining your back is by leaning back by 135 degrees while sitting in front of your computer. Another study indicated the best way to sit is at a 110 to 130 degree angle.

How About an Active Desk Chair?

Sitting on an active desk chair keeps you well, active, while studying. This is a great way to keep yourself moving every now and then and avoid slouching or staying seated for a long time which, according to recent studies, may be harmful to your health.

Roll Back and Forth

Try replacing your computer chair with a yoga ball. Not only will this force you to keep your back straight, it can also help boost your concentration when you roll back and forth.

Position your Laptop at Chest Level

Common knowledge dictates placing your laptop on a higher surface that almost levels with your chest while sitting. It will cause less straining with a reduced slouching position.

Adjust your Computer Monitor

There is no standard height for your computer monitor, but it is best to have it at a level wheren your neck is at a neutral position.

Do Yoga

Doing yoga before or after studying in from of the computer helps to maintain an upright posture from the back up to the shoulders. It also helps ease the tension of the muscles, especially the back muscles, from sitting for a long time.

Having good posture is something that should be observed by everyone, not just students who are studying online courses. But because online learning may involve long hours of sitting in front of the computer, maintaining a good posture has become a challenge for e-learning students, as well as educators who spend long periods of time to create online courses.

Keeping these tips in mind will help people achieve the proper posture which will also help them focus better and understand their lectures better.

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