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9 Fruits For Glowing Skin (Infographic)

July 27, 2015

Youthful skin can be achieved by simply adding nine fruits to your diet. To encourage collagen production, eat apples for their Vitamins A and C.

Fighting sun damage is easier when adding Vitamin E-filled bananas to your diet. Grapes offer antioxidants that ward off damage from the environment.

The acids in lemons and strawberries give the skin a nice glow when applied directly to the face.

Oranges are a powerhouse of Vitamin C, which helps tone and firm skin layers.

Papayas offer papain, which plumps up and smooths dry skin.

Pineapples are a great choice for treating acne-prone skin.

Finally, watermelons have enough lycopene to help tone the skin, thus reversing the signs of aging. created an infographic where they describe on which 9 fruits can glowing your skin.

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