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A Handy Guide To Pet Care While You Are On Holidays

May 30, 2016

On one hand when you are thrilled by and off for a holidays plan being executed, at the back of your mind there may be some anxiety too, if you are to leave behind your dear pet cat, who too, counts as a family for you.

There are people quite casual- rather careless- about it. They just think that the cat would be at home, and she would be alright, if the food and water supply is stored for the days they are away. This however is not the option at all. There can ideally be two solutions: to hire a pet sitter, who can come down to your place and take care of the cat in your absence. Another and more feasible option is a cat boarding in sydney if you’re leaving in Australia because Recently, I came across to Akuna Pet Resort and found it extremely good.

Some of us may feel one’s own home to be the safer pace for their kitty; however cats tend to associate themselves more with people around rather than places. They are rather uncomfortable without people around. So unless and until there is some utmost medical crisis she is facing, she should stay surrounded by her friends and people. Depending upon the individual personality features of your pet, you can decide what would be preferable for her in your absence: a lonely stay at home, or a carefully socialized outing the way you are going to have for yourself.

Looking into the special needs of your pet, the available options have to be worked out in advance. Whether it is a pet sitter to be at home with the pet, or a boarding facility, the safety and comfort concerns have to be examined well before you are compelled to leave your dear one in hurry.

Things to be considered for a boarding facility.

While choosing the boarding facility, look for safety and hygiene resources first.

  • There should be a well fenced, protracted area, just not too vast or too conjugated for the little guests over there.
  • The place should be specious enough for her to wander and play and feel free.
  • The place should have good ventilation, and the inhabitants should not too close to one another so as to avoid any spread of disease.
  • Carry your pet’s belonging- her food and water bowls, her blankets and toys, her beds and favorite food.
  • The boarding facility should have its own vet present over the place.
  • Also, there should be a regular watch over the health and hygiene issues of all the guests inside the place.
  • The cleanliness is of high importance.

Apart from this, check the place for loud noisy environment: cats are more sensitive to it than we humans. The barking of dogs from the other section of the place should not threaten her peace. Also meet the staff and follow your heart about their behavioural appropriacy with your kitty. Make sure that they are professionally eligible and competent enough.

Do not forget to handover the required contact details. Also hand over the list of daily requirement of your pet. Set her there with some of your own belongings that carry the familiar smell. Follow the instructions from the boarding facilities while you actually leave her there. Prepare for this in advance so that no important things are left.

Leaving the loved ones back home, and enjoying seem to be the poles apart to many of us. The responsible, reliable and caring boarding facilities are available just around us to help out.

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