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A Seasons Style Guide For Your Wedding

February 23, 2016

Styling your wedding can be as daunting a decision as is choosing the perfect wedding dress. Below are a few tips on what styles are out there based on seasons. The season in which you choose to have your big day on can greatly influence a lot of aspects to your wedding.

Winter: June, July, August

Depending on where you are looking to have your wedding will be a big factor if it is in winter. A White Winter Wedding is the classic way to go. If you are having your wedding abroad of course as here in Brisbane, something is very wrong if it is snowing.

Winter is great time to take advantage of the weather. Beautiful clear skies will make your Wedding photos pop.

Brick and Gold are great colours and textures to suit the season, think wooden and the contrast on a white table cloth. It is all about contrast, giving the brain and eyes something to drool over. Things like antique ‘Viking’ candelabra’s and gold cutlery is a good way to go down the contemporary route.

The cons to a winter wedding, is the wardrobe choice for your dress is a lot more limited.

Winter Flowers Suggestions Include: Pansy, Hellebores, Iceland poppy, Namesia, English Primrose, Cyclamen, Erica, Cineraria, Calendula, Cherry Pansies, Snap dragons, Daises.

Recommended White Flowers: Candy Tuff, English Daisys.

Summer: December, January, February

When thinking of a summer wedding think vibrant, intense colours. Think sleeve-less gowns and warmth. What venue will you choose? Brisbane is great for inside and outside style venues where you can have the choice of either. Think about saying your vows in the warmth weather and taking your first dance in a ball room. Or how about going abroad for your big day with a wedding on the beach.

We all know everything goes well with summer. Think more towards bright colours when thinking of your flowers. A stunning vibrant bouquet will pair magnificently with the centre pieces.

Cons for a summer wedding are more with the weather, especially in tropical Queensland it is sunny one moment and hailing the next.

Summer Flowers Include: Tuberose, David Austin Rose, Peony, Hydrangea, Lotus, Garden Rose, Stephanotis, Queen Anne’s Lace.
Recommended Bright Flowers: Calla Lilly, Delphinium, Zannia, Rose Granium

Spring: September, October, November

Spring is all about new beginnings and fresh starts, the perfect season for a wedding. There is a great atmosphere in the air during the spring months that you don’t get any other time in the year. It’s not too cold and not too warm, the perfect temperature to have your wedding in a garden and what a better time to do it then when all the flowers and plants are blooming.

Bird baths on the outskirts of the reception or ceremony can be fun to incorporate nature into your big day. Think trees and wooden structures, the brown and green contrasts go great when a white wedding dress is in front of it. Garden & maze photography can be like out of Alice in wonderland!

The colour theme of a spring wedding is best to stay around the pastels, pale, pasley & light colours. Very gentle and soothing. The green from all the trees and will be a big pop so you need something to even it out.

Cons of having a spring wedding in Brisbane is the swooping of magpies.

Spring Flowers Include: Cherry blossom, Tulips, Lilly of the Valley, Waratahs, Jonquils Narcissus.

Recommended Gentle Flowers: Rhodochadron, Hippeastrum, Anery lilis, Flannel Flower.

Autumn: March, April, May

Autumn is a great time to have a wedding. Think orange, brown and red for colours. This time of year is great for the imagination, you can keep it fun or do whatever you really want there are no rules to your wedding.

The photographs can be anything during this time of year in front of brick, in the woods, on a golf course or in a venue even the at beach can be amazing. This is the one time of year you can incorporate any kind of season style into your wedding with the benefit of it still having its own style.

Con for an Autumn wedding is the big gusts of wind coming through the Brisbane area.

Autumn Flowers Include: Lamb Ears, Gardenias, Hydrangea, Bouvardia, Cyclamen, Lisianthus, Tuberose.
Recommended Fall Flowers: Mr Lincoln Rose, David Austin Rose, Julia Rose.

The Transcontinental Hotel a best Brisbane wedding venue that can make any wedding great no matter what the season.

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