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Accomplishing Your Bucket List, A Budget Friendly Way!

December 18, 2015

It has been a dream of many to travel to the East African land and experience the wild savannah grasslands, the grazing wildebeests and buffaloes, watching the killer instincts of the Big 5’s and more. But the fact remains that- many of us console ourselves by watching all these on TV, all throughout our lifetime and curse god of not having enough savings to visit this magical land of natural wonders. However, as they say, sharing always helps, and now you can cut down massively on your costs by travelling in groups. Here are some easy ways to plan out a pocket friendly and a budget safari Tanzania:

  • Travelling in groups

Planning a group safari Tanzania rapidly cuts down the rate per head. In a group, if every person contributes equally, each one can cut down on his or her expenses on food, room-sharing, car hiring and other travelling expenses. Besides the money factor, travelling in a group is much more exciting than individual trips.

  • Opting for self-drive safaris

Car hire is one of the greatest expenses you can count on during a safari. Though, this rule doesn’t apply to amateurs, professionals and regular adventurers can certainly drive the car themselves and cut down on the rates of hiring professional drivers. Get a guidebook, turn your GPS on, hire a fully equipped Land Rover and travel all non- guide specific areas, all by yourself. Most cars are equipped with camp gears and meal making equipment. However, you can always choose to stay in budget lodges and dine in at cheap restaurants, if you are fit enough.

  • Getting into the right accommodation

The best and budget friendly accommodations to stay in- are at Mobile campsites and fully serviced camping safaris. If you choose your operators well, then the luxury mobile camps are one of the best places to stay in. They are inclusive of all such facilities of a posh lodge like – king sized beds, en suite toiletries, dining facilities and more. If you want to save more, then you can also plan your stay at truck based camping safaris. They are a good choice for not only a budget safari Tanzania tour, but is also feasible when you don’t want to cook or set the camp all alone – these camps are led by drivers, cooks and guides.

  • Setting your goals

You must know for what you are here. If you are a beach lover, then obviously Zanzibar and the adjoining islands should be your main focus, and the budget is obviously going to get high. However, if you are truly here for a wild safari expedition then you must be choosy about your destinations. Opt for such destinations that will help you experience Africa as a whole. The Northern Circuit should be your priority and you must include Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater (an all in one place) and Lake Manyara in your travel plan. If you want to travel to Tarangire (which is often loaded with animals during the peak season) make sure you return back by dusk so that you can cut down on night stay expenses.

  • The travelling season

Though low season travelling seem to be a less joyous experience, but this one is a budget safari Tanzania tour option and also has various plus points compared to the high season travel. Low seasons are less congested with visitors and you have the opportunity to experience the wild at your own comfort.

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