Adrenaline Rush: The Sound Of Squeaking Tires

December 23, 2015

Why do people ride a motorcycle? We will answer that with another question – “Why would they not?” Very few things on this world feel so satisfying. Sure, most of us started out of curiosity or out of the need to conveniently get from point A to point B, but somewhere along the way fun and passion came into play, and gave birth to addiction. That it is the reason why it is very hard to explain something that is mostly about the experience as the simple sum of its parts. That, however, does not mean that those parts are not oozing satisfaction on their own.


Let us start with what got us all there in the first place – Sheer practicality. You all know that situation when you were driving your car in the middle of nowhere, and bitterly regrated not paying attention to those spare diesel fuel tanks for sale? Well, you will be happy to know that motorcycles are much less voracious beasts. They will usually get you twice as far than your 4-wheeled friends, for the same amount of fuel. Savings at the pump are not the only thing making bikes great, though. Add the fact that you will be able to navigate the city and find the parking space much easier, and you will see just how practical they are.


Every one of us watched at least an episode or two of “Sons of Anarchy”. Lose the criminal activity, power play, and backstabbing and you will get the show that pretty accurately depicts the brotherhood and camaraderie of one average MC. Feeling of having your own tribe and being greeted with “the wave” whenever you bump on a fellow biker is hard to describe.

The Adrenaline Rush

Driving a powerful car is insanely awesome, but no matter how much horses you are riding, you will not feel as powerful as you would when you are out there on an opened road. The sense of speed, the wind blowing in your face, the sound of squeaking tires… All these things cannot be augmented or replaced. Whether you are more into speed motorcycles, or you prefer massive cruisers, they will both get your heart pumping rapidly.

Value for the Money

Motorcycles are cheap, especially compared to cars. As a matter of fact, you can get a real beast for not more than AUD 18,000. And we are talking about Ferrari-grade performances here. Certainly, having such power can be bittersweet because you will rarely (if ever) have an opportunity to push the bike to its limits. Still, knowing that you could challenge the Italian Black Horse to a race and probably come out as a winner, makes you feel incredibly good.

Becoming Free of Fears

Riding a motorcycle is absolutely frightening experience. There is nothing bad about that. You are putting yourself out there in the open; it is natural to be afraid. Through this fear, however, you will learn be a better rider, make quick decisions under pressure, and improve your skill set. And once you push yourself far enough, you will finally learn how to overcome the fear constraining you. In the end, you will not feel endangered when riding a bike. On the contrary, you will learn how to stay safe.

It Feels Good to Be a Biker

Let us get honest. Bikers are cool. Clubs, patches, charters, bikes, leather vests, and the rallies make good impression on almost everyone. Especially the fair sex. Then, there is you. Getting all that gear on you and hitting the road full-throttle will certainly make you feel badass.

All the things we mentioned will sound much different when you try them. Once you sit on a bike, and experience an opened road, however, the perfect storm of adrenaline and squeaking tires will make everything come together and give you addiction that will never leave you.

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