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Air – Finally, A No Nonsense End To End Home Automation Package

February 15, 2016

The Air device is designed for the 21st century – a smart, compact, and light weight product that’s ideal for people who are looking to make their homes futuristic and the lives more convenient than ever. This end to end automation solution lets you control your home appliances with air from an app when you’re at work, allows you to control lights, fans, air conditioners, hearts, etc from the click of a button on your smartphones, and monitors 24×7 to detect to report anything fishy.

Here’s what you get with every purchase of Air

  • A sleek and stylish black Air device bundled with the adapter
  • Four wired modules to attach to your home’s switchboards to make them communicate wirelessly with the Air module
  • Four wired dimmer units to help you control your house’s lighting like never before
  • Four switch units along with wires, facilitating remote controlling of switches
  • A couple of sticking tapes, which make it easier to stick and conceal Air components, without having to rush to the neighborhood hardware store
  • A welcome guide and a thorough installation guide
  • Free installation by expert technicians who’ll maximize the coverage of the Air installation at your house

More on The Look and Feel of Air

Weighing merely 400 grams, Air is easy to carry. Also, its dimensions of 83mm x 84 mm x 20 mm mean that it occupies very little space; it’s a minimalist in terms of its size and designs, but packs a lot of power when it comes to smart home automation of electronic devices. It’s equipped with capacitive tough that makes the device responsive to the lightest of touches. Also, tap detection enables it to respond faithfully to all your touch commands. This wholesome automation system comes loaded with sensors for measuring and reporting temperatures, motion, brightness, and humidity. It’s the perfect mix of style and substance; you can get the superb product in 3 stunning designs – rosewood, maple, and black.

4 Concrete Reasons for You to Go for Air Today

Leaf Technologies automation system Air is a refreshing change from the slew of complicated home lighting and appliance automation systems. It’s an uncomplicated, smart, stylish, and wholesome automation solution for your house’s electrical fittings. Here are 4 irresistible reasons that help you decide on the need and viability of switching over to Air.

  • Forget all the complicated and troublesome home electronics and appliances automation systems that require you to mess up the existing wiring of the house; Air works without the requirement of changing the existing wiring or indulging in any rewiring.
  • Leaf offers free installation with every purchase of their amazing Air device, which makes every purchase a wholesome experience for users.
  • Air has been designed to work with most appliances present at households, so you can be sure that none of your washing machines and televisions will pose any compatibility problems when you control them through this awesome device.
  • Once you make the purchase, you will be visited by trained professionals and expert technicians who will install the device and all its components in the perfect manner, concealing the wires and ensuring that your requirements are best met with the number of components included in the Air product kit.

All You Need to Take Control of Your House’s Lighting, Electrical Fittings, and Appliances.

Enjoy futuristic living at your house by controlling all your automobiles remotely, courtesy the Air switchboard units and the Wi-Fi built into the device. Most appliances can be controlled right from your smartphone using the Air app; that’s because Air comes with IR blasters that make it like a universal remote. No need to get up from the bed to regulate the speed of your fan, just open the app and tap to control it, pretty much like how you control your ACs. The best part – you can bid adieu to all the clutter of remotes, because you will be able to use the app to control all devices. The dimmable units of Air let you reduce or increase the brightness or intensity of your household lighting from the smart and sophisticated Air mobile app. Control your microwaves and geysers from the market or from your workplace – Air is all you need. So, are you ready for clutter free, contemporary, cool, and classy living, with Air weaving its magic?

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