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Alcohol-Free Ways To Indulge, Unwind, And Have Fun

April 10, 2017

Whether we’re looking for fun or hoping to unwind after a long day; alcohol is a go-to for Americans everywhere. There are reported health benefits in the occasional drink, but whether you drink a little or a lot; metabolizing alcohol will involve the production of the toxin acetaldehyde. Turn to drinking too much or too often, and it can lead to substantial wear on your health and well-being. Most of us could stand to cut back on our alcohol consumption — if not stop all together — so that we can make better use of both our time and money. Wherever you’re at with your lifestyle goals, there are some great alternatives that will help you save money while finding great new ways to relax and have fun.

Alcohol-Free Drinks

If you’re craving carbonation or itching for something sweet to sip on, then a homemade drink may be just the thing for you. Carbonated water pairs beautifully with juices and fresh fruit for a fun and tasty alcohol-free drink. Keep the added sugars down and it can be used as a healthy low-cal alternative to mixed drinks.

If you’re a fan of wine or beer, then kombucha may be up your alley. This fermented drink hails from Asia and boasts a sour twinge that can appeal to tastebuds used to bitter brews and dark wines. It also comes loaded with probiotic bacteria, so you can help out your digestive system with each and every sip. And if you’re into home-brewing, well, you can make a batch of kombucha at home.       


If alcohol’s appeal lies in being able to kick back after a day at work, then aromatherapeutic essential oils hold promise. Plants contain amazing compounds being used and studied for their medicinal and physical effects. A pure and quality essential oil is highly concentrated with these compounds. They’re also very volatile, which means they quickly go from liquid to gas; enabling essential oils benefits via inhalation. If you want to unwind, consider grabbing a quality essential oils like sedative chamomile, fragrant ylang ylang, or the ever relaxing and reputable lavender. A good oil can be added into everything from lotions, shampoos, bath salts, and massage oils for a quick and powerful inhale of relaxation.


Sometimes the allure of drinking lies in its abilities to dull our insecurities and make the mundane fun. Instead of hitting the bottle for a short-lived confidence rush, work on improving yourself. Take up a physical activity you can focus on learning and mastering. Whether it’s running, yoga, kickboxing, dancing, or even walking, these forms of exercise will get blood flowing and endorphins pumping. On top of that, changes in body and skill will begin to unfold. All HUGE confidence boosters that offer natural highs.

Often times our drinking habits revolve around friends, work, and everyday life. However, sometimes we take to drinking for personal reasons. This kind of drinking can become very destructive and is much harder to kick. If you or someone you know shows signs of a drinking problem, these steps should be paired with the help of resources or professionals that specialize in alcohol dependency. Help is available online as well as in person, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

Best of luck with changing up those drinking habits for 2016! Let’s make ourselves our healthiest and most productive yet!

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