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All You Need To Know About Personal Alarm System and Its Types

November 18, 2015

A personal alarm is a small electronic device, which has a transmitter and a receiver, the basic task for this device is to emit a sound. It is initiated when the button is pressed. People should always select an alarm system, which can be easily operated.

One can purchase the alarm system from their local shops or online stores. If you want a personal alarm system of good quality and efficiency, then looking for Careline products is the best option.

There are different types of personal alarm, which includes:

Portable alarms

Portable alarms are the alarms that are used by disabled people for attracting attention of the people, who live nearby. Such alarms are widely available and they are either battery powered alarms or gas alarms, which emit a noise when pressed.

Auto-dialer alarms

It is an electronic device, which has a button, through which an individual can summon assistance. These transmitters send signals to alarm unit (direct dialing or control centre). A control centre are usually run by some local authorities, which are properly staffed and provides 24/7 assistance.

Autodial system is for those people, who are alone or do not have any friends, neighbours or relatives. These alarms are designed in such a way that they can be worn either around the neck, as a pendant or on the hands.

Intercom alarm system

Intercom system is for those people who want voice contact with someone who is far away.

There are two-way and one-way intercoms. A two-way enables sound to transmit in both directions so a conversation could take place, whereas a one-way system enables sound to transmit in a single direction only, means a disabled person can only communicate with the carer. These systems are cheap and can be easily obtained.


Fall alarm

A fall alarm consists of a portable transmitter, which initiates when the person falls afar 20 degrees and lies prone for about eight seconds. It alerts the carer through an autodialed alarm or a warning is sent to him.


Hypothermia alarm

This alarm monitors the temperature and notifies when the temperature descends below a desired level.


Gas detectors

It is a device, which detects the gas and alerts through a signal. Some devices even automatically switch off the gas supply when they detect the gas.


Smoke or fire detectors

A smoke detector is a device that senses smoke and gives an alert. Such devices should be properly installed and have monthly maintenance.


Problems faced by alarm systems

  • Power cuts – Most of the alarm system does face this issue because when the power cuts alarms are automatically turned off. Thus, for efficient 24×7 working, alarms should have in-built battery, which provides them backup support.
  • Alarm calls not received – Sometimes the emergency calls are not received by the carer. To cater to this problem, there are alarms especially designed that they dial again and again, at least for five times.
  • Pressing the button by mistake – Usually, this happens so each alarm must have a cancel button.


Personal alarm systems are getting common in today’s world, be it your home, school or office, they are required and installed everywhere.

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