All You Need To Know About The Life In The UK Test

April 22, 2016

About the Test

The Life in the UK test is designed to check the applicant’s knowledge of the United Kingdom. The test is based on the “Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents, 3rd Edition”. It contains 24 questions and lasts for 45 minutes. The pass-mark is 75% which is equivalent to 18 correct answers.

Who needs to Take the Test?

Any individual who wishes to apply for ILR(Indefinite Leave to Remain) or naturalisation has to pass the Life in the UK test. However, you are exempt from taking the test if you are under 18 or over 65 years old. You only need to pass the test once.

Where can I Book My Test?

You can book your Life in the UK test on the official government website. You will need to have an email address, a debit or a credit card and a form of ID. You can use one of the following as ID to book the test:

  • Passport
  • UK driving licence
  • Convention travel document (CTD), certificate of identity document (CID) or stateless person document (SPD)
  • EU identity card
  • Immigration status document endorsed with a UK residence permit on a passport with a photo – it can be out of date
  • Biometric residence permit

Make sure to bring your ID with you to the test. The test will cost £50 and must be booked a few days in advance.

How to prepare for the Test?

You will be tested on the information contained in the handbook – “Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents, 3rd Edition”. The handbook contains five chapters:

  1. The values and principles of the UK
  2. What is the UK?
  3. A long and illustrious history
  4. A modern, thriving society
  5. The UK government, the law and your role

After reading the material in the handbook, you can try a practice test.

What happens if you Pass?

After you pass the test, you will receive a pass certificate letter. You will need this letter during the application process for British Citizenship. It’s important to keep it in a safe place.  You will not be able to get a replacement if you lose it.

What happens if you Fail?

Unfortunately, you will have to sit the test again. There is a 7 day cooldown period after which you can apply again. You are allowed to have unlimited attempts, however it will cost £50 every time you apply. This is why it is so important to revise thoroughly for the test.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

When booking your test, make sure that your name is spelled correctly and is the right way around. You might not be allowed to sit the test if it’s not. This depends on the test centre and the invigilator. Please make sure that you put your “Firstname” and “Lastname” in the appropriate boxes.

Make sure you enter the correct place of birth.

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