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All You Need to Know About Window Sash Replacement

By Mary
January 29, 2016

Framed part of the window that holds the required sheets of glasses is referred to as a window sash. This is the window portion that does not move. Window sash can be in the single or double hung style. In the double hung windows, usually one sash is positioned over the other. Until it comes parallel to the upper sash, the lower window sash slides vertically.

The sash-and-case, sliding sash is a type of glazing or sash where a horizontal or vertical sliding action enables opening of the glazed panels. Sash windows were commonly used in Victorian and Georgian homes. The lower and upper sashes in these windows slide in separate grooves in metal weather stripping of full width or in the side jambs.

Half of the total window area can be used for ventilation in this type of window. Sashes are held in place in any location with the help of counterweights, springs or compliant weather stripping. In the United States, a commonly used type of sash window is the “hung sash window”. Double sashes move vertically in the double hung windows while the single hung windows feature two sashes where only one of them move. In public buildings like Churches, tall openings are enabled through quadruple and triple hung windows.

Issues that can arise in Window Sash

Window sash is available in different materials such as wood and metal. Some of the issues associated with wooden sash windows include swelling, rot, wood shrinkage that leads to rattling in the wind and other problems that can arise from careless paint application. Any such issue can be addressed by calling in professionals for window sash replacement and repair. As compared to traditional casement windows, sash windows are more vulnerable to such issues predominantly due to the sliding mechanism.

Window Sash Advantages:

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  • Window sash offers a host of advantages in terms of law abidance, aesthetics, style and conservation of natural resources even though they require high maintenance.
  • Sash windows can last for generations if these are maintained in a proper way. A well-maintained window ensures there is no need for window sash replacement for decades.
  • Maintenance of sash windows is relatively easy. Sliding both the panes to different positions, it is possible to clean the glasses from within the building.
  • During summers, sash windows offer efficient cooling of the interior space. The bottom opening in the window allows the cool air from outside into the room even as warm air escapes from the room through the open top portion.
  • Window sash replacement is very easy in case of breakage or damage. Those who wish to avoid the mess of window replacement can buy the easy-to-use window sash replacement kits. These kits will eliminate labor costs because these are simple to use by the homeowners.

Professional Window Sash Replacement and Repair

If you find failed mastic seals and flaking paint, it is time to call in professionals to assess the damage and do the needful. These are signs that show that the sash window has not been maintained properly for a long time. Professional window sash replacement or repair experts will know how to go beyond decay and bring back the original beauty of the sash.

Choose professionals adept at offering a range of repair and experts at dealing with any type of sash window. Some of the window sash replacement and repair services offered by professionals include –

  • Cutting out and changing rotten timber
  • Removing sashes from window cases
  • Removing paint from the two sashes and the case
  • Replacing missing or loose putty
  • Reinstating mastic if necessary
  • Replacing broken glass
  • Fitting new sash lifts
  • Fitting new centre catch
  • Installing draught proofing
  • Adjusting new weights and sash cord and servicing pulleys

Window sash replacement and repair is best left to professionals if you are now confident about the procedure of replacement. Professionals know exactly how to get the sash window repaired and reassembled to offer smooth operation.

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