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Alternatives To Flowers At Your Wedding

December 15, 2015

You don’t have to consider yourself a ‘non-traditional bride’ if you don’t want flowers at your wedding. Many brides have been choosing alternative routes that are more their style (and sometimes cheaper) than going for flowers on their wedding day. It doesn’t matter what kind of theme or style your wedding is; non-floral bouquets are popping up more and more now. If you aren’t sure where to start, we’ve created a handy list to help you.

Brooch Bouquets

Brooch bouquets may not be cheaper than flowers, but they do make one big statement. You can design one yourself using brooches that have been donated to you by family members, or you can find different brooches matching your wedding colors in vintage shops. It has also become quite easy to find sellers online that will design and make your brooch bouquet. They also make an incredible keepsake from the day: you won’t be tossing this bouquet!

Paper or Origami Flowers

Recycling paper such as sheet music or old comics is great for an eco-chic bouquet  for yourself and your bridesmaids, or even as decor for your reception. Paper flowers are easy to make, and you will be able to find many tutorials online. Origami flowers are a little more difficult and require the proper paper, but you can find it at almost any craft store and in the colors you want.

Fabric Flowers and Bouquets

Having a rustic wedding? Design your bouquet of fabric flowers with material like burlap for that shabby chic feel. Felt is also a versatile fabric that you can sew into floral shapes to create your own bouquet in an array of different colors. Are tulips your thing but don’t want to pay the high price if they are out of season? Free patterns found online can help you with sewing your own tulip bouquet.

Centerpiece Additions

Besides the normal fabric or wooden flowers that many people use in place of regular flowers, your centerpieces can be a great place to make a swap. Consider adding things that aren’t directly related to flowers such as pinwheels, wedding sparklers, or even ribbon wands for any kids at your wedding to play around with! Anything that will physically fit into your centerpiece vases and not look completely terrible will work perfectly to replace a few of the flowers.

Whether you are looking to eliminate wedding flowers all together or just want to reduce the cost of them from your budget, there are many alternatives to flowers at your wedding that will not only look wonderful but will also add to the fun and magic of your special day.

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