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Am I Allowed To Request A Male Injury Solicitor?

May 27, 2016

If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault and you are thinking about making a claim for compensation, then you are indeed allowed to request a male injury solicitor for your legal advice or to handle your claim. The main reason people make such a request, is because the nature of their injuries or the nature of their accident is sensitive, and they do not feel comfortable discussing these with a female solicitor.

It’s common for men to request a male solicitor but it isn’t uncommon for women to request a male solicitor either. The most cited reason for a woman to request a male solicitor is because of a bad experience with female solicitors in the past. In addition to this, some women simply get on better with men. Whatever the case, law firms are used to handling such requests, and the vast majority of them are accepted. However, whether or not yours is accepted really depends on solicitor availability. Solicitors work many different cases at a time, so the law firm you are with may not have another solicitor to spare.

At, you are also able to change solicitor. If you are currently mid-claim, you can change your solicitor fairly easily. The only challenge is deciding how your existing solicitor will get paid for their time, because you will have almost certainly racked up a legal bill. The good news is the solution is simple – a binding promise. A binding promise stipulates that your old solicitor can reclaim their legal fees if your claim is a success, just as they would if they processed your claim on their own. Usually, their legal fees will be taken from your pay-out, however some will recover them from the other side.

If your old and new solicitor will recover their costs from your compensation, it’s important that you understand what percentages they will take. The current legal limit is 25% of the claim value, so whatever happens, you will receive 75% of your compensation. You need to know the details of the binding promise, so that you can remain realistic about your compensation pay-out. If your claim loses then no win, no fee applies, so neither your old or new solicitor will be paid, however you may still incur costs from the other side.

So to summarise, yes you can request a male injury solicitor. Whether or not your request can be met generally depends on availability. If you want to switch solicitors, then ask about a binding promise because this is how your old solicitor will be paid for their time. Lastly, only go with a solicitor whom you trust and a solicitor who is qualified to work your claim.

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