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An Inspirational Story Of A Rawalpindi Boy

August 7, 2015

Success is no accident. It’s hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing.

Inspirations we all ask for, but we are so busy in our lives that we miss the opportunities, even when they are in front of us. Inspirations are like the mind-boosting thing that everyone needs. I too try find some inspirational stories so that I can work better.

Recently, a colleague, and a very dear friend shared an inspirational story and I decided to share it with the readers. This is a real story, but I won’t disclose the name, as he asked me to keep it confidential. It is a story of a man from Rawalpindi. To keep it real, I will use some fake names but remember the characters and the story are real.

A lower-medium class family, living in Rawalpindi, had a running business in the heart of the city i.e. Raja Bazar. Raja bazar is one of the most famous bazaars of Rawalpindi. There, the man of the house had a shop of quilting. He was the sole owner and running the business all by himself. Till time had been doing well. They were enjoying the happy days of life. No regrets, no sadness. But we know the days cannot remain the same. There come ups and downs, and unpredicted. Just like this, they had to face hard times, the man of the house and the owner of that quilting business passed away. They never expected this to happen and that too soon. Now there was no one earning.

The man had a young boy, Imran who wasn’t even matriculated. He decided to join his father’s business. For days, Imran tried to run the business but wasn’t able to do so. He was never into his father’s business. It was getting hard for him to understand it, so he decided to shut it down. He sold the business, without the prior consent of his family. And when he told them, they were all very disappointed. The quilting was the only source of income and the only property they owned, and now Imran had sold it. They were all worried how their expenses will be dealt with.

Imran, being young and not well-educated, too had to see hardships. First his family and then it was hard for him to find a good job in Rawalpindi. But Allah has plans for everyone. Finally, Imran got a job in a pharmaceutical company in Rawalpindi. He was hired has an assistant in the production department. Not making his weakness, Imran besides being under matriculation did not lose hope. He wanted to do something big in his life. He was q quick learner and always working hard. Now he was doing well, and everyone stopped complaining.

There were two production machines, which were always out of order. So the company decided to dispose them. Imran knew that if a little work could be done, the machines would work appropriately. So he purchased the machines with the little he had. A little maintenance and the machines were running fine. “Now what could he do, he is not qualified to produce any product or medicine on the machines” you would probably wonder. Never underestimate anyone. Even an illiterate can do which a well-educated can’t. And Imran proved this. With the help of some of his fellows from that pharmaceutical company, he started producing a new product/medicine. He already had an experience in the production house and he also know how and where to market. So launching with this new product wasn’t hard for him.

With an effective team and utmost efforts, Imran was fast becoming a famous name in the pharmaceutical business. Now Imran runs a well-known pharmaceutical company in Rawalpindi, producing a huge number of medicines. Some of them are so popular that you might not get from any other company. And if you could imagine how many job opportunities would be offered, this is a much more appreciating moment. Imran would be so proud of his own story and of helping others by offering hundreds of jobs to the people of Rawalpindi.

What lesson can we get? It is not only education, the family background or the luck, but it is being career oriented and then putting your utmost efforts. This doesn’t mean that education has nothing to do with success, sure it plays a vital role, but if you can’t afford higher education or you aren’t well-educated, you don’t have to be heart-broken. All you need to do is to think big. With negatives comes positives. Think good, then work hard and take risks as well. Here, it reminded me of a quote:

I don’t believe in taking right decisions. I take a decision and then make them right.

So, if you are in looking for jobs in Rawalpindi or anywhere else, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • No more complaints. No more mourning over the past. And no more regrets.
  • Take risks, in your jobs and businesses and work harder every day.
  • And In Sha Allah you will be known as a successful person.

I wish you very best of luck for your future days to comes.

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  • amazing story and highly inspirational.... no one should ever lose hope and remain constant... hardwork never get wasted.... very nice post

    • Thank you for the comments. Yes, it is very true that losing hope is the worst one can do to him or herself. And it is also very true that we have, if not thousands, at least hundreds of stories around us.

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