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Another Attack Of Boko Haram Killing Innocent People In Nigeria

July 30, 2015

A sudden bomb attack had been occurring in a crowded mosque in the Nigerian central city. The national terrorists group Boko Haram accepted their name in this terrible attack.  A nearest restaurant also could not be saved from this horrible attack. Already 44 people died in this terrific incident. About 67 people wounded by this bomb blasting. It is assumed that, the number of dead people can be increased as the people who were being affected by this situation, got fatal injuries and burnings in their several body parts. That’s why it would be quite tough for them to survive.

The central of Nigeria city is called Jos. The mosques of here are very populated and also considered as the very holy places for the Muslims of this city. During the month of Ramadan, it seems also very crowded than the other times of the years. This national terrific group used to seek a chance to kill more and more people uses the name of protecting their religion. But these stupid people used to take this chance of gathering more people in this mosque, and whenever they got the right time according to them, the created this time of a terrifying situation.

This incident happened on Sunday night and the wounded people were taken to the nearest hospital in order to get the primary treatment. The police and other rescuing forces reached the spot in a hurry and sealed the attacked area.  From the affected people, it came to know that, whenever, they gathered in the mosque in order to pray, suddenly a horrible sound came to them and all the people of there also started to shout with fear. After a meanwhile, they found that most of the people, included them were very much injured and non stoppable bleeding. Many of them were also died on that spot. Then they can’t remember anything. And whenever they opened their eyes, they found themselves on the hospital bed. This tragic and horried pictures were brought to viewers cnn live feed.

Well! The Boko Haram is the main terrorists’ team of Nigeria. They are attached to many terrifying incidents that had happened in Nigeria. They used to demand that, the ill deeds they are doing, it only happens in order to save Islam. But they can’t understand how terrible that their deeds are. For their most terrible activities, Boko Haram is now one of the most wanted terrorist groups of the world. Not only the national security forces are searching them, many other international security teams also alerted red alert to find out and capture them to punish.

Whatever, a few months ago, the Boko Haram kidnapped about 900 schools going girls from their schools. According to this terrorist group, it was the girl’s fault to go to the schools and they kidnapped them to punish. They took the girls to a much unknown place and tortured them for several months. Some of the girls could escape from the torturing shell, but most of them were compelled to stay there for a very long time.

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