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Aspects That Determine Whom To Select and How To Create Real Estate Website

October 8, 2015

A good website attracts visitors easily and boosts your business. On the other hand, a bad one is capable of driving away probable customers. Therefore, it is vital to select an ideal web design company to build the best website. You may be confused about whom to hire, a web designer or web developer. People believe both the professionals perform the same role, but in reality they are different.

Web Designer

A web designer works on the front-end of the website through, which consumers browse. You can say that a web designer mainly focuses on the visual identity, which includes graphic details, text location, colors and more. Majority of web designers are aware about programming basics and capable to create technically simple site that looks appealing. Great web designers will code and optimize dynamic website for device or browser compatibility.

Web Developer

Web developer takes care of the website’s back-end and creates functions to make the website work as you desire. Good developers have wide knowledge about database driven applications and can program complex websites conveniently.

Building Great Property Website

For your real estate project, you will need professional property website design services. Make sure the team of web designer and developer has knowledge and experience working with technologies like PHP, AJAX, MySQL, HTML, JQuery, CSS, and more.

Consider WordPress

Customized websites come with a price tag and if you have limited budget consider utilizing open source software. While determining the budget, it is wise to consider the ongoing costs of maintaining the website and not what you will get for your invested money. You can even opt for WordPress blogging platform. There is no need for hiring a web developer. This blogging platform includes a good Content Management System, which is user-friendly.

For property websites, there are affordable and special premium themes available. Ensure to choose responsive and multilingual-ready WordPress theme. One of the downside related to WordPress is security and attacks. Therefore, consider to hire professional WordPress developer with knowledge of building theme and not using purchased one. In addition, the developer must be capable of installing most reliable plug-ins.

Customized Website

If you desire your real estate website to stand out from your competitors, then have it custom built. Customized website will enable you to include desired functionality, but creating it can take a couple of weeks. In addition, it will cost you a lot.

MLS Feed

If you want the listed properties imported or exported via MLS feed in future, then consider it in the beginning. This will help you to engage a web developer, who has knowledge about this task.

Flexibility for Expansion

Your website must grow with you and if you chose an inexpensive WordPress theme for your website, adding approximately 25 to 30 properties. Now, you want to expand but your web designer is not equipped with technical know-how to do this. You will have to start looking for another suitable developer or designer. This issue would not have occurred, if you had considered future growth, before creating a website. It could have saved a lot in due course.

Real estate website includes a huge investment. Many aspects will determine whom to hire and how to build it!

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