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Assess Why South Shore Community Is So Respectful To David, MD Merrill Group

December 1, 2015

In a press conference convened at the South Shore Hospital Charitable Foundation, Massachusetts, the chief executive officer of the Non-profit society stated that nothing could be better to the society than being fortunate with the 3rd term accompany of David Barcomb as the member of its Trustee board. According to the CEO that for a committed society like South Shore, the presence of a knowledgeable and influential personality like David is an asset. Matter of fact, David, Chief Advisor and MD of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Inc, Boston, MA was designated as the board member of South Shore for the first term in 2007.

In his role, David is key person who has shouldered the responsibility for advancing the society’s mission of fundraising in order to support its different philanthropic activities. Whereas the major aim of the society is fast progression of the medical facility to let the community people of southern MA get high standard healthcare facilities, it is also devoted towards overall development of the community. Barcomb said to the press people that being a South Shore resident, his personal feeling of maintaining a reputed community hospital and its gradual development has inspired him to continue as its member and serve for the community.

David Barcomb is the Chief Financial Advisor, Managing Director and Principal of the leading American asset management enterprise Merrill Lynch. This southern MA based advisory and solution provider group is outfitted with over $570 billion AUM’ asset under management’ making it the largest Wealth Management Corporate house in the US. The community specializes in objective based customized financial consultancy services and solutions. The company has clients from individuals to corporate business enterprises and non-profit making societies to financial institutes and of course, individuals.

As an asset management advisor, David Barcomb is associated with this industry for over 20 years. For his in depth knowledge in wealth management and estate planning, insight and great solutions he is most preferred   asset management advisor and solution provider to both corporate enterprises and individual clients. David has amazing sensing power as well, understanding level to identify the prospective investment areas. Since most investments remain linked with a series of risk factors, for individuals to big corporate houses the best choice destination is David Barcomb. No wonder, in Merrill’s clientele, there is hardly any client or company that is not being benefited by its wealth management advices. This has made the group an iconic name in asset management industry.

To play his role effectively David has been equipped with seven top qualified professionals from the field of asset management industry. This makes its core operating division and it performs chiefly as per the instructions, guidelines and suggestions of David Barcomb. The service of Merrill has fastest growing demand in American market due to its personalized financial solutions which can consider and match each clients need base. Every client’s requisites, asset and personal profile, risk factors are analyzed with great care that eventually helps clients reach their objectives concerning their financial or estate planning.

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