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Back Pain Specialists London

December 16, 2015

Most problems associated with back pain do not require surgery because they can be effectively resolved by manual treatment. Back pain specialists in London are well reputed for providing patients with effective manual treatment for relieving them from most back pain symptoms.

Back pain specialists are aimed at delivering expert evaluation of the dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system and pain-free restoration required for functional mobility. These specialists offer relevant consultation services as well as effective treatment needed for all forms of musculoskeletal dysfunction such as back and neck pain, sciatica, disc prolapsed, sports injuries, soft tissues, symptoms related to work, pain affecting all joint structures and general health.

The quality of a patient’s life can drastically dwindle as a result of back pain. Discovering the underlying cause of back pain can take a while to discover which can also affect the discovery of the appropriate treatment that can help to create relief.

Back pain is a very common disorder that has been experienced by more than 70% of people who are currently in their 60s. This illness is more common in men than women. However, women are predisposed to experiencing its symptom, especially during pregnancy. Back pain is much more than mere pain because its effects can significantly inhibit an individual in many aspects of his or her life. A back pain can stop a person from sleeping, working, walking and moving around, performing recreational activities or hobbies, spending time with family, friends and colleagues etc.

As a result of back pain, simple activities such as sneezing, bending, coughing can be very excruciating. Although, statistics has shown that back pain resolves after a while in 90% of cases, however, the pain remains and can even grow worse in other cases which are about 10%. These cases are common with referred pain from conditions like ankylosing spondylitis or cancer.

In London, back pain specialists such as Mike Squirrell are experienced in carrying out different types of surgery on the back. Some of which include

Spinal Fusion

Also known as ‘stabilisation surgery,’ spinal fusion deals with the process of removing the damaged lamina (cartilage disc) and fusing back the spine together. This process can be done through several methods that include screws, bone grafts, small cage or plates and pins.


This refers to a procedure that involves the injecting of liquid bone cement into the vertebra which is aimed at reinforcing bones that are crumbled and reducing pain. This kind of operation is used to treat people suffering from vertebral haemangioma. Patients with compression fractures located in the vertebra, tumours and severe osteoporosis can be treated with vertebroplasty.

Disc Replacement

When a patient is suffering from a continuous back pain which has been discovered to occur as a result of a damaged or worn-out cartilage in the spine, Orthopaedic surgeons can perform a disc replacement operation with the aim of replacing the damaged disc with plastic of metal implants. Serving as an alternative to spinal fusion, newer surgical method which involves a full disc replacement can be performed on younger patients.


Back pain may occur as a result a narrow passageway where the spinal nerves are located. Back pain specialist can perform foraminotomy to enlarge or widen the gap that is situated between the bones so as to avoid nerve pinching and cause the pain to stop.

Ensure to make an appointment at KUER Physio London with Mike Squirrell for a specialized back pain treatment. Serving as one of the country’s leading independent private hospital, appointments are handled by the best consultants in the country.

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