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Basic Overview Of Certificate 2 In Security Operations

April 26, 2016

If you have always wished to work in the security industry, then you will want to take the Security certificate-2 course that deals with security operations. It will unquestionably be a smart starting point for your career. This is because after completing the training, you will be qualified to get a security guard license. Hence, you will be free to begin working as a professional unarmed security officer if not a crowd controller.

You will not regret taking this course because of the highly varied available employment opportunities. For example, you can work from sporting occasions and along the available opportunities to the overtly traditional roles of a security officer. As such, you can identify an interesting area of your social life to form a base of your professional climate. Some of the typical job responsibilities attached to this career include; providing security at shopping centers, construction sites also known as industrial security and nightclub security. If you are to rely on this, then it is obvious that career in the security line is certainly rewarding and exciting.

Instructional Methods

Although different trainers use varying instructional methodologies, the kind of curriculum offer dictates that some methods be used. For instance, it is unlikely that you fail to have presentations and practical demonstrations. This includes a view of security equipment and how to use them appropriately or handle them in the occurrence of a security risk. You will also have a lot of group work and group discussions as you make scenario walk through(s). For the sake of efficiency, you are likely to get face-to-face classroom interactions with your instructors. This is because among other things that you will be learning, you will be introduced to first aid, methods of responding appropriately to security threat situations and how to work effectively and efficiently in your line of duty.

If you are fortunate enough, you will receive extra specialized training in the field of screening. This is to assist you to appropriately screen people and items. This can also be considered as part of your qualification for Security certificate-2. The training takes a couple of days and it will enable you to work in areas such as courthouses, seaports and airports where screening must be undertaken.


Different states and agencies have varying demands for the qualifications that you must meet before taking this course. However, you generally should be an adult (18 years of age and above). Your literacy and numeracy skills should be satisfactory and you must not have a recorded conviction of any offence that could be disqualifying in the past ten years.

With security certificate 2, you can go for higher studies in certificate-3. If you are fortunate enough, you will be trained by individuals or organizations that have their employment centers. For the purposes of assessment, different kinds of tests are provided. For example, you can attend an oral, written and practical examination at the end or in the course of your training. Fortunately, you might have an opportunity to be reassessed.

Security certificate- 2 is a training that can act as a nice starting point to a highly rewarding career. It will also give you a chance to study further and work in better offices. This course enables you to be an unarmed security guard or crowd controller who can work in different places.

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