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Become An Effective Emcee In Singapore: Tips For Success

October 31, 2015

When organizing an event or a business conference and a meeting, people now hire Emcee or Master of Ceremonies. These are professionals who present the event, entertain clients and keep them engaged throughout the day. At the same time, they can help in advertising your products and services or promote a brand.

If you are an individual who can handle themselves well, have good communication skills and the ability to handle crowds or make people feel special, then you can consider becoming an Emcee. As an Emcee, you would be required to present a program, like a conference in Singapore or a wedding professionally. You would be need to orchestrate the entire event, given an important role and would be entrusted with the responsibility of entertaining anyone. So, how do you ensure your success as an Emcee ? Well, these are the tips that you can use to become a successful emcee in Singapore.

Know Your Role

In simplest of terms, Emcees are required to present an event, handle the audience, be a moderator whenever needed while entertaining everyone. But each event has different requirements and needs. That’s the reason why you should know your role really well. For instance, some conferences will need you to be a moderator, while other business events will need a brand promotion and entertainment value from their emcee. So, while your job is to warm the audience and prepare them for the event, you may have to customize that based on the role you are expected to play.

Be Smooth with Introductions

As mentioned earlier, you need to have good communication skills. These skills must be reflected in the form of smoother introductions. As a conference moderator or a presenter, you will be required to write an introduction that beautifully depicts the qualities and qualifications of your next speaker but ensures that the audiences finds the coming speaker as attractive and intelligent. You must conduct a mini-interview with the speaker for the same and write down what you plan to say. Just let them go through it so that they are prepared about what you are going to say. This will help in ensuring smooth introduction.

Know when to Stop

Sometimes, emcees in Singapore just won’t stop. Of course, your speaking skills re necessary for the job. But you need to know when that mouth is going to shut. On a number of occasions, presenters start with a huge dive and give so much energy to the audience. But then, they keep on speaking and presenting uninteresting information. By the time the event is halfway through, audience is practically dozing.

Keep the Program Moving on Time

As an Emcee you may face different hurdles. For instance, people at the conference might start to argue or the speakers may not show up. In such an occasion, you are the one who has to ensure that everything is streamlined. You need to find alternatives to the speaker or break up an argument so that the program moves on time.

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