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Benefits Of Buying A Second-hand Car From A Private Party

November 23, 2015

Everyone wants to own a car that is brand new without having a single flaw with great feel and smell. However, this is not usually available at a cheap price. The price gap between a new and a used one is huge. So most of the people opt for a used car for it fits their budget.

People usually imagine a used car with chipped paint, rusted rims sitting around somewhere in an auto lot attached with a price tag stuck on its windshield. You also imagine that the used car dealers are always making an attempt to sell their naive customers some crappy cars at very high prices. However, this is not at all true, in today’s scenario.

When it comes to buying a used car most of the consumers either choose one from a private seller or from a reputable dealer. A private seller is anyone maybe an individual who owns a car and is willing to sell it personally, so as to obtain maximum value for the vehicle. Buying a used car is a complicated task. Ads related to direct cars for sale by owners can be attained from a newspaper, online ads and used car sites or from any other source.

Benefits of Buying used Car from a Private Party

Cheaper in price – Used car sold by private seller is much cheaper and affordable than those that are sold by the dealers. Car dealers include overhead costs and charges for reconditioning, advertising, or any other maintenance cost. Private seller may have a little or no inventory cost. Dealers make more money by selling a used car than that from selling a new one. The price of a used car sold by a private seller is always lower than that of a dealer having the same car, in similar condition.

Easy in Negotiation- The negotiating process with a private seller is easy and it is one of the main advantage of buying a car them. Private sellers are not professional negotiator. They get motivated due to their need for getting rid of the vehicle as soon as possible. Whereas negotiating with a dealer is rather difficult because they are businessman trying everything to maximize profits on car sale. In addition, the salesperson seeks to get the most commission. So they keep the negotiations to minimum as possible and the transaction price to high

Records HistoryUsed car bought from a private seller sometimes comes with a complete maintenance record. The seller who keeps a history of all maintenance records of the car properly indicates the seller’s commitment of taking good care of the car.

No Games – Private sellers are usually in a hurry to sell their used vehicle. They just want to get the transaction done quickly as possible with a serious buyer. And also due to the growing market competitions, a private seller plays no games with a potential buyer.

Buying of a car must be done with utmost care. The rates of interest on new cars tend to be a slight lower than those on used cars. However the total bill will be very much lesser when you choose to buy a used one. A private seller doesn’t worry about the profit-killing overhead. In addition, a private seller is more eager in selling the vehicle or car as soon as possible resulting in more flexible price, during negotiation

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