Benefits Of Music On Our Body

May 9, 2016

Music as they say is a universal language. Even if there is no understanding of the words, you can like music. At times, when there is no word at all, and the piece is completely instrumental then too, we connect and like that music. Music is a form of an addiction to many of us, and I must say that this is the best possible addiction that can people fall prey to! Music, much to our ignorance helps us in many ways. Here are a few points that will help you keep your playlist close and you headphones closer! Have a look:

Better your verbal skills

In numerous studies and surveys it has been proven that the effect of music in the early years of childhood is highly beneficial for growing a sharp analytical skill and communication skills. In a research it was seen that children aged 4 to 6 who was enrolled in music courses, and ere trained in musical aspects of voice modulation, pitch and tone, were better in grasping concepts. Also, in kids of age 8 to 10, who were involved in music in any form showed a higher IQ. They are generally more interactive and develop sound communication skills.

Old age benefits

Not only on children, music has amazing advantages on the aged too. It is said, that an aging brain is healthy with music. It contributes to better memory and mental sharpness as listening to music is a form of exercise of the brain. There are music therapies which are used on old age patients with memory loos. Researchers say that the rhythms and the tunes are often retained by the brain for a long time and in many cases partial recovery of memories are possible through music therapy.

Better sleep

In many cases insomnia is treated with music. Studies say that if you are listening to music daily in a steady pattern, it will eventually improve your sleeping quality. One can effectively minimize anxiety and stress and get a good night’s sleep with a dose of music. In fact, listening to mild music right before music is beneficial for those who face difficulty in getting to sleep easily.

Lifts up your mood

This needs no explanation. We all get a certain ‘kick’ when we listen to the music we want to. It is clinically proven that music keeps depression at bay. Many a times, counsellors suggest depressed patients joining a music school. Music releases dopamine which is responsible for making us feel emotions of excitement, happiness and joy. Hence, people who are into music are likely not to be affected by depression, and likewise, people diagnosed with depression show quick improvement when exposed to musical environment.

I am a part of a music institute in Delhi, and I have myself seen a drastic improvement in my overall physical effects ever since I joined it. Listening to your choice of music for approximately 50 minutes can improve the level of anti-bodies and better you immune system too! So get set and play!

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