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Best Pull On Motorcycle Gloves in India

September 23, 2015

Riding a motorcycle is usually a lot of fun, but it can be quite tiring for the handles. After all, your palms are in constant motion, ensuring that the ride is smooth. At the same time, you need to protect yourself from the weather conditions as well. So, to avoid rashes, pain in the wrists and itches or weather related conditions, you must invest in good quality motorcycle gloves in India. These gloves can ensure the right grip. So, no more clammy, sweaty hands while you are biking. At the same time, if you choose a high-end international brand, you can ensure superior comfort for yourself. So, every biker must consider investing in these gloves. Here are some of the most popular pull up gloves for those who have the passion for biking!

Rev’It Abbey Road Gloves

You cannot live in the world of Downton Abbey, when people rode sophisticated, chic vehicles. But just like them, you have gloves (if not for the car, then for the bike). And this is where Rev’It Abbey Road Gloves come to picture. They might not be inspired by the television series, but they are sophisticated and as a classic as the show. And just like their name, they are designed to be iconic. This particular one is a part of the spring 2015 collection and comes with high quality dyed goatskin leather. It features connect figure tips, so that you can operate touchscreen devices without taking it off. The city fit, adjustment panel, short cuff, a stylish outer shell and a variety of other features ensure proper movement and extra palm protection from this product.

Rev’It! Bomber Gloves

For long rides and unknown terrain, this is the pair of motorcycle gloves that you should invest upon. Recommended for summers, these gloves are comfortable and chic, designed to slide smoothly and safely, while providing necessary protection to those fingers. They never go out of style, have perforated goatskin construction and come with synthetic PU Leather as well. The tri-fleece liner ensures comfort during summers. The race fit gloves have been designed to be perforated at fingers and palm, have stretch lips and elastic at wrist with short cuff.

Rev’It! Chevron Gloves

These true sports gloves in India are known for their protective element and comfort for high speed summer touring. Designed by the iconic brand, these motorcycle gloves in India are made with leather and tri-fleece lining, which offers hard shell finger knuckles protection, along with yarn support. The race fit gloves are ergonomically designed with ventilation panels at fingers and stretch lips. The premium protection of this product is further glorified with its perforated upper, which allows for maximum air-flow. And that’s not all! The product has super strong seams for serious protection and designed with functional features to ensure hassle free usage.

So, which of these cool pull up gloves are you going to buy?

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