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Best Ways To Keep Kitchen-Remodeling Costs Down

November 19, 2015

Remodeling a kitchen is no cheap feat. Before you even consider making design interventions, you need to remember that the entire project will cost you roughly between $20,000 and $50,000. Of course, everything depends on whether you’re thinking about making minor changes or you’re up for the major renovation. That is why you have to get you priorities in order first, just so you can deal with your budget later.


Naturally, those minor changes, which mainly aren’t structural, are more benign to your wallet, but if you’re into adding an additional room and tearing down some walls, then you’ll need to do your math thoroughly. Money is what limits you, so if your budget is tight, than stay on the practical side and put aside the thoughts of moving a door, sink, windows, plumbing and electrical work and other heavy duty business. Consequently, if you’ve got money to spend, then by all means, let the complete makeover begin.


On average, they make up to one half of the entire kitchen-remodeling budget. Also, if you plan on dealing with cabinets, then you will probably have to do the flooring, too. If you want to trim down the costs, maybe it’s better to go with standard cabinets since they come in preset sizes, materials and colors, rather than custom cabinets.

For instance, single-height wall cabinets, those without trim molding and blind corners are good for money-saving measures. One thing you can also consider is refreshing and restoring your current ones. If they are stout and structurally sound, then just replace cabinet doors and drawers by placing a new veneer on the existing “box”.


Tile or wood might be the main thing to have, but laminate and vinyl look almost the same. They’re easy to install, simple to maintain and the can be either low, medium or high gloss. With vinyl you can choose between stone, ceramic, slate or wood looks and they can come in planks, tiles, or sheeting. Whatever makes it look natural and earthy is perfect.

Ceramic tiles on the other hand may cost more, but they are also very durable and long-lasting. Stained concrete can give your floors an edgy look, and as for maintenance goes with both vinyl and concrete: it’s super easy and efficient.


Concrete, granite or quartz are the luxurious deal, but if you want to cut down costs, then tile and laminate can suffice. Everything depends on your creativity with tiles, because you have to choose the pattern, accent, focal points and trim, it basically comes in every hue possible.

Laminates can mimic that sophistication of granite and stone, just make sure you find one that looks realistic. It also resists staining, scratching and chipping, so in terms of durability, you’ll get your money’s worth.


If you’re buying new stuff, then there’s no way around it. However, you can focus on efficiency in this matter. For instance, old refrigerators spend more power than the new ones, so such investments can go a long way. Also, dishwashers tend to swallow gallons and gallons of water per year, so switching to something more energy-efficient will reduce your bills greatly. Oh, and a mini bar and racks filled with wine specials you can get at bottle shop in Melbourne are a perfect addition that will make your kitchen more warm and inviting.

It takes just a little research and common sense to cut down excessive costs. With just a little effort and a few good contacts here and there, you can make your kitchen a place to be. Strive to strike a bargain, compare prices and see what suits your needs best. Also, don’t shy away from asking for help. IF you and your friends and family are going to hang out there, you might as well remodel it together.

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